High Heel Training

Train yourself to walk in high heels.

Through high heel training, you can teach your feet to wear heels-even the highest of heels. Some high heel fans take training to the extreme and wear six-inch or higher heels almost at all times. Whether you're just hoping to be more comfortable in your three-inch work heels or you're a member of the fetish group, read on to find out more about training your feet to walk well and feel comfortable in tall shoes.

Why Bother with High Heels

Wearing high heels is all about the aesthetics. Not only do they make you look taller, which plenty of girls enjoy in itself, but they can make your legs look longer, more graceful, and more feminine. The effects aren't reserved for skirts, either; wearing a pair of four-inch stiletto boots with snug-fitting blue jeans can elongate the leg and create a beautiful silhouette.

High Heel Training: the Concept

There are three components to high heel training:

  • Adapting the foot to the shape and position of high heels
  • Getting your feet used to walking in them
  • Learning to walk in them without stumbling or toppling over-and while looking good

Part of adapting your foot to the shape and position of high heel shoes is getting the arch into the proper condition. The idea behind training your feet to wear heels when it comes to shaping your foot is that over time, your foot almost reshapes. It adapts to the new position required to wear heeled shoes, mainly in the arch region. For more information and diagrams, visit New Age Quest.

Getting your feet used to walking in heels is different from learning to walk without bad posture, twisting an ankle, or falling. It's about working your way up from three-inch heels, to four, to six, and so on.

Learning to walk without stumbling or toppling over has to do with repositioning your center of balance and feeling confident enough in your new shoes to hold your head high and shoulders back. There's a "walk" that goes with sexy high heels to get the full "va-va-voom" effect you're probably hoping to achieve. Your legs will look better in heels, but without proper training, will you?

How It Works

There are a few different methods of high heel training.

  • The exercise method is better for young feet than older ones. Similar to ballet training, this method takes a lot of flexing, stretching, and exercising. Every day, you'll need to stretch and flex your feet, walk barefoot and spend time on your tiptoes.
  • The lifestyle method is similar to what Rachel Adams did. In this method, you wear shoes of a certain height for a while, then move up to taller heels. The general idea behind the lifestyle method is that, over time, your arch will stretch out and your new comfort zone will be within the range of a certain heel height.

How to Walk in Heels

With every shift in height, you'll need to train yourself to balance and strut in your new tall shoes. The basic idea is always the same, but there will be a period where you'll need to adapt to each new inch. Training your foot to wear the heels beforehand by stretching and flexing will help, as will working your way up to new heel heights rather than diving right into seven-inch fetish footwear.

A quick how-to on walking in heels is as follows:

  • Stand up straight and keep your core strong.
  • Keep your legs facing forward, close together, and straight.
  • Put your heel down first, working your way down to your toes. They'll hit the ground last.
  • Shorten your usual stride, at least while you're learning to walk in heels.
  • Use caution. If the ground is slick or unstable, tread carefully and slowly or remove your heels altogether.

For a demonstration, check out YouTube.com.

High Heel Training