Stiletto Tennis Shoes

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They may not exactly be the epitome of practicality, but stiletto tennis shoes definitely bring something unique and unexpected to most footwear collections. They're unusual, for a start, and while they can't actually be worn to play tennis (or any sport, for that matter), they're sporty in their own feminine way.

Sporty Stilettos

It may sound like a bit of an oxymoron. After all, there's no such thing as a high heel shoe designed to wear during workouts. There are, however, many stiletto shoes on the market that appear to be inspired by the sporty style of sneakers, baseball shoes and other types of workout footwear. These shoes are a little off the wall, sure, but they're also sporty and playful - vastly different from the traditional athletic shoe and the traditional stiletto heel. They offer the best of both worlds, uniting a typically teetering stiletto heel (some as high as six inches!) with the classic loops and laces of a sneaker.

Why to Wear Them

The sporty stiletto heel is a love it or hate it type of shoe - it's rare that there's a middle ground here, because the style is so striking and unusual. Some fashion-forward women may embrace the look fully and make it a part of their overall repertoire, while others might want to give it a little test run by wearing it once or twice to determine whether it's really them. That's the ultimate fashion test, after all: do you wear your garments and accessories, or do they wear you? If it's the latter, then they aren't for you.

How to Wear Them

The sporty stiletto heel might easily be considered a playful part of a casual, dressed down wardrobe. With a little creativity, it can fit in well with a surprising number of outfits. The style of your sneaker heel will greatly determine the rest of your outfit. That's because there are actually several different types of sporty stilettos available. You'll find sleek, playful pumps with loops and laces on the vamp (even by big name designers like Alberta Ferretti) and dainty little booties that boast a Converse-like appearance, both with a brazen stiletto heel.

  • If you're wearing pumps, your outfit choices increase exponentially. This particular style is versatile enough to wear with casual skirts made of denim or linen; with lightweight jersey dresses; and with jeans and sleek tops. Note that the heel is usually made of white rubber, so there will be strong contrast between that and your shoe's upper.
  • If you're wearing booties, think winter. If you want to show off the entire shoe, try a pair of opaque tights with an above-the-knee skirt or dress for a different, noticeable look. You can also try them with skinny jeans and long, flowing tops.
  • A truly eye-catching sneaker stiletto is a great addition to a fun Halloween costume. Maybe you're dressing up as a baseball player; add these to your outfit to bring a feminine touch to the entire ensemble.

Where to Find Stiletto Tennis Shoes

Sporty stilettos may not be widely available at your favorite department store or even a run-of-the-mill shoe store. You should be able to find them at one of the many online shoe boutiques with a little bit of effort, though. Here are a few you should stop by in your search for the perfect sporty stiletto:

  • My Diva's Closet specializes in stylish, bold clubwear. Look here for stiletto heel sneaker pumps that typically run under $30. Check back often for new offerings.
  • OD Girl carries a wide range of saucy clubwear and costumes. Look here for bold sneaker "referee" heels that boast a look not unlike a Converse sneaker.

Other Options

If you love the look but are pretty sure you can't walk around in stiletto heels for long periods of time, you're in luck - there are also platform sneakers and even wedge sneakers available. These heels are a bit easier on the feet and much easier to walk around in, and you might even find greater variety by big name designers. As with any online purchase, take a look at the retailer's exchange and return policies beforehand.

Stiletto Tennis Shoes