Barefoot Sandals

Hate carrying your shoes? Barefoot Sandals stay on while you walk on the beach.

You may have a completely different image in your mind of what exactly barefoot sandals are. Keep reading to find out what they are, how to wear them, and where to get them.

What Barefoot Sandals Are

Barefoot Sandals are like sexy jewelry for your feet. They don't have soles but they do have beautiful colors and the appeal of things you wear on exotic cruises or out by the water. In some cases, they replace flip-flops completely and do a beautiful job of it. In other cases, however, you're just going to have to go with the clunkier styles with soles for the sake of protecting your feet.

There's more good news, though: they're available for women and little girls. Love that mother-daughter matching look? The Barefoot Sandals are one way to incorporate it into your look when you're on the beach or by the pool.

The Styles and Colors

According to the Barefoot Sandals website, there are fourteen colors and three styles to choose from. Here are some of them:

Crocheted Sandals

The crocheted styles are the most casual of all the Barefoot Sandals lines. That's not to say that they're not elegant or dainty, because they are. These are another way to incorporate pops of color into your attire. These styles feature mostly crocheted material, but there are a few shiny beads for accent and texture.

AK Sandals

These are the sandals with the beads. They're glitzy, they're fun. If you want to wear a Barefoot Sandal to a beach wedding, these are probably the ones you want to go with. They're dressy, colorful, and beautiful. They're also versatile enough to complement anything from shorts to a dress.

Jana Sandals

Also embellished and dressy, these are another good option for those beach events that require a little extra care and something more than a swimsuit. These sandals scream that you're reminiscent of a Roman goddess.

Kids Styles

These are one size fits all and offer a few more whimsical styles than those found in the women's section of the site. Most are the crocheted type, but colors available include: Pastel on Gold or Silver, Neon, Neon on Silver, Sea Creatures--Silver or Gold, Silver on Silver, and Gold on Gold.

Colors Available

If you're going with a crocheted style, you can choose from the following colors:

  • Silver on Silver
  • Silver Neon
  • Pearls on Gold
  • Gold & Gold
  • White AB on Gold or Silver (AB stands for Aurora Borealis)
  • Leopard on Gold
  • Pastels on Gold
  • Crystal AB on Gold or Silver

Colors available on the AK style include:

  • Black and Gold
  • Black and Silver
  • Cobalt and Silver
  • Multi and Silver
  • White and Silver
  • Cranberry and Silver
  • White and Gold
  • Multi and Gold
  • Rose and Gold
  • Cobalt and Gold
  • Turquoise and Silver
  • Hot Pink and Silver
  • Red and Silver
  • White and Gold
  • Sea Mist and Gold
  • Cranberry and Gold
  • Sapphire and Gold
  • Red and Gold

When it comes to the Jana style, here are the color combinations you can choose from:

  • Black on Gold
  • Black on Silver
  • White on Gold

As you can see from the color selections, there's something for every swimsuit, pair of shorts, or dress.


If you wear a size 5.5 to 7, you'll need a Small in Barefoot Sandals.

If you wear a 7.5 to 9, you should purchase a Medium.

Sizes 9.5 to 11 will require a Large.

When to Wear Them

You won't want to wear them shopping or anywhere that shoes are the "norm." Where you may want to wear them, though, include the following places:

  • The pool
  • For fun on the beach
  • Around the house with family or girlfriends
  • Lounging on your deck
  • Beach weddings
  • Cruises

Want to go have a great time in the ocean? You don't even have to take off your shoes to do it if you're wearing these. They'll hold tight while you hang ten.

Why Wear Them

When you want to dress up your feet a bit, but shoes are uncalled for, Barefoot Sandals fit the bill. Bring all eyes to that fancy pedicure you gave yourself by using complementary beads. Wear something but definitely not heels with that dress when you attend a beach wedding and don't want to spend the few hours in misery while sand grinds into your feet from within your shoe.

These are the perfect shoes for when you feel like you need something to dress up your feet, a pedicure doesn't have all the bases covered, but "real" shoes would be overkill.

The Cost

If you're shopping for your barefoot sandals on, you'll be happy to know that the cost is not that steep at all! For $14.95, you can pick up one of their crocheted barefoot sandals styles.

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