Black Boots

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Black Boots Are the Superheroes of the Shoe World

One pair of black boots can go from boring to sexy and alluring in an instant. How? It all depends on what you wear with them. Change from your business casual khakis to a smoking hot mini and keep on the same pair of shoes. If you're wearing a knee high pair going from day to evening can work with such ease, you'll wonder why all of your shoes aren't boots.Since superhero movies are so popular now and all the girls must be fawning over a hairy Hugh Jackman or Brandon Routh's rippling muscles under blue spandex, why shouldn't we want our shoes to pack the same punch? After all, we're with them all day; it's nice to actually see their potential. But please, remember to wear your panties underneath your clothes! The focus is on the sexy boots.

Black is Back

Black is coming back for fall. This year, it's even going to be mixed in with metallics to give them a more muted appearance.

nine west black ankle boot

What's hotter for fall than a great pair of boots? You can choose from ankle height, knee high boots or even thigh high boots if you're daring. Just make sure they're black.

A slight heel is best for making a pair of black boots reach the height of versatility. For fall, wedge heels are all the rage. You may also consider platforms. If you're a stiletto girl at heart, don't be shy. There's nothing more irresistible than a sleek, black pair of stiletto boots.

If you're in the market for new fall shoes, check out these great black boots:

A Practical Standpoint

If you're not seeking black boots for fashion, but more for function, you can find plenty of motorcycle boots, cowboy boots, work boots and military boots. Here are a few practical black boots:

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Black Boots