Black Patent High Heels

black patent heels

There are few pairs of shoes that say sexy like black patent high heels. They're shiny and they come in everything from sandals to boots, in all different heel types and heights. While many of the styles are most appropriate for your time away from the office, some of the classic styles could complement dress clothes nicely, depending on your work environment.

The Perks of Black Patent High Heels

There are several perks to wearing black patent high heels:

  • They're sexy, of course. You can use them to transition a work outfit to something you'd wear to go out at night.
  • The black goes with almost anything, but the shine gives any outfit an extra edge.
  • There is a range of styles and heel heights available in black patent leather shoes, so you can have sandals in the spring and summer, pumps year-round, and boots in the fall and winter-all black patent, all with high heels.
  • They are available everywhere, though some very tall heels may only be available at specialty stores.
  • You can find very affordable styles in this material.

Shop for Yours

You can get black patent high heels almost anywhere you shop for shoes. The styles will vary as will the heel heights, but there should almost never be a time when you simply can't find any heels made of black patent leather. If you'd prefer to shop online rather than at your local shoe store, try:

  • Classic Pumps-They are classic styles, but some are classics with a twist!
  • Zappos-You'll love the free shipping, return policy, and the prices.
  • 6pm-Shop here for amazing prices and a wide selection.
  • Baby Girl Boutique-They promise retro styles, but even if your style is more contemporary, you'll want to have a look at these.

If you just want to admire patent leather shoes and view them in all of their iterations, you can always visit the High Heel Shoe Museum.

How to Wear Your Patent Heels

Classic Pumps

You can get classic patent pumps with thin and thick heels, peep-toe styles, closed-toe styles, and more. Because of these variations, this is perhaps one of the most versatile types of patent leather shoes because it can carry you from the office to the club. You can wear a delicate pump style to work with your slacks or skirt or take a similar style with a platform heel and wear it for a night on the town.


These can look extremely elegant. They are even work-appropriate in some instances, perfect when paired with a black or other neutral-toned pencil skirt or slacks. They are also pretty for those special occasions that call for your favorite little black dress.

Extremely High Heels

These are best reserved for certain types of clubs or as bedroom wear. For the average heel wearer, six- and seven-inch heels will take a lot of getting used to and will not be comfortable for long. They do, however, make great accent pieces to fantasy lingerie. You can get patent leather black heels in extreme heights on everything from pumps to thigh high boots.


You can get boots of all heights in black patent leather. The lower the boot, the more casual the wear, in many cases. Thigh high black patent boots will be most comfortable in the bedroom paired with powerful fantasy lingerie. As mentioned above, you can even choose extreme heel heights for more of an effect. If you're going for a retro vibe, black patent go-go boots with two-to-four-inch heels look adorable with miniskirts and shell tops.


Unless you're going for the retro vibe as with the go-go boots, the platforms can be designated mainly as party shoes. They're great for clubbing and nights out because they'll do everything for your legs that heels tend to do while giving you a somewhat steadier base to stand on. These can also be worn with lingerie.

If you don't already have a pair of black patent heels in your collection, you should definitely consider picking up a pair. They can be very versatile.

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Black Patent High Heels