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Boho-chic footwear combines fashion, earthly beauty, and often natural materials. You'll often find boho-chic styles in wedge sandals or espadrilles, but you can also get them in boots. The idea is low-key glamour. Think cork and rustic styles. The great news is, this style doesn't have to be expensive, and you can find it almost anywhere.

Sample Styles of Boho-Chic Footwear

If you can picture Mary-Kate Olsen's usual attire, you probably have a good idea of what boho-chic is. Still not quite sure what boho-chic footwear is like? Here are a few examples to get you started:


Shop Goldyn has a pair of Charlotte Ronson Amelie Sandals that are flat, ivory and gold, and have a double ankle strap. Unfortunately, they're a bit pricey at $136.00.

Birkenstocks are also good examples of boho-chic shoes. Flat sandals quite often fall into the boho-chic category.

Uggs-yeah, those things-never go away. They're chunky, flat, and generally neutral in tone. They've also been paired with everything from blue jeans to miniskirts.

The Privo Tidal from is a flat with a soft nubuck upper available in five colors (most are neutral, so right in line with the boho-chic look). These are $89.00, but in defense of the high price for what appear to be simple shoes, they have the technology in place to make very comfortable shoes.


Amazon has quite a few wedge styles worth looking at. Here's a brief rundown of what you can find there:

  • Classified Cutlet Wedges Black 7 Black: At only $17.99, these are a universal pick for girls on budgets. They're imitation leather with cork bottoms (3.75" high). The upper is woven, and there's a peep-toe, so you can show off your pedicure.
  • Naturalizer Women's Sherene Peep Toe Slingback Platform: This one mixes nautical (in some colors) with boho-chic, which makes for an interesting combination. They're $34.90-$59.99.

Look Here for Your Shoes

There are plenty of spots online you can check for your boho-chic footwear. You never even have to stand up on your stilettos to go shopping for comfortable shoes during your lunch break (thank goodness!).

Amazon, as always, has just about everything you might be looking for. Find your natural-style wedges, flats, boots, sandals, and more all in the same place you buy your entertainment.

eBay is always worth a look. You never know what you may find there, but the perfect pair of wedge espadrilles that you need to wear with your new long, flowy skirt could be right there, for a very low price.

Zappos, the land of the famous free shipping both ways and overnight shipping upgrades, has so many types of shoes out there. Just search for neutral toned flats or wedges in your size and you're bound to find what you're looking for. You can choose sandals or boots from the lists to narrow it down further.

Who Wears Boho-Chic?

There's a place for boho-chic footwear in every girl's closet. Whether you're the hippie type who enjoys wearing a long, flowing skirt and a simple cami with your cork-bottomed natural-tone espadrilles, or you prefer a pair of boots that are slightly off from classic styles to wear with your jeans, it doesn't matter. Boho-chic has a natural, earthy appeal that can complement nearly any type of wardrobe.

A Final Word

Boho-chic is a way to look put together, yet casual. It's also an excuse to get comfortable shoes on those abused feet of yours without sacrificing your status as "best-dressed" or "trendsetter." Boho-chic footwear can take you through all the seasons, thanks to the low-key styles within both boot and sandal categories, not to mention the closed-toe flats you can also slip into any time of year.

Not only does this style carry you through the year, but you can also find a pair for almost any casual outfit. The tendency to come in neutral tones help there, and they range from clunky boots to delicate summer sandals. If you really put your mind to it, you could replace the majority of your shoe wardrobe with comfortable, boho-chic footwear.
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