Brands of Running Shoes with Arch Support

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For a comfortable workout, you may want to seek out brands of running shoes with arch support built in. These types of shoes aren't necessary for everyone, but many people find that lack of arch support is the only thing that stands between them and a perfect run.

Athletic Shoe Brands with Arch Support

Depending on your arch type, you may be in search of brands of running shoes with arch support. These brands carry a wide range of beneficial shoes that make running much more comfortable.

  • Adidas: The company's FORMOTION technology is used to provide a stable running environment for the overpronator, while the Tortion system provides maximum support to an unstable midsole. Many of these shoes are built in with adiPRENE, an underfoot technology that supports the foot as it hits the ground.
  • Asics: One of the best running shoe brands, Asics offers a variety of footwear with different types of arch support. The company's GT 2130 running shoe is recognized for its lightweight construction and its ability to support and cushion the foot while providing a roomy, comfortable fit. It is ideal for individuals with low and medium arches.
  • Brooks: This company's lineup is full of supportive shoes for active runners. The Addition shoe provides support for individuals with low arches and controls overpronation beautifully. It is recognized for its combination lightweight-meets-sturdy construction.
  • New Balance: Individuals who require a combination of stability, cushioning and motion control all at once will benefit from the company's 1123 shoe. It is made with a shock-absorbing cushion, strong support along the sides and lightweight construction.
  • Nike: Nike makes it easy to find the right running shoe for your foot type. Simply select your gender, preferred running surface, arch type and pronation style on the company's Shoe Finder to reveal a list of suitable shoes with just the right amount of support, including the highly regarded Zoom and Shox Turbo collections.
  • Reebok: Reebok's collection includes a wide range of running shoes with arch support. Look for shoes made with DMX Foam and an IMEVA midsole, which provide maximum cushioning. The company's ZigTech shoe collection features a unique zig-zag sole designed to absorb shock and reduce the potential for injury.
  • Saucony: For the ultimate in arch support, look to the company's Heel ProGrid with Respon-Tek technology, which absorbs shock and reduces impact. The inclusion of SRC Impact Zone adds even further support and cradles the foot as it strikes the ground.
  • Under Armour: Shoes built with UA's ArmourLastic and ArmourBound technologies are specifically designed to prevent painful shocks to the body and provide extra cushioning. The Specture is known for its ability to create a balanced, supportive environment for feet that need it most.

Proper Fitting Is Key

Even if you're confident in your arch type and know what you need, you might be best off visiting a specialty running shoe store for your first fitting. The experts at the store will be able to guide you in the right direction and ensure that you choose the appropriate shoes for your feet and running style.

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Brands of Running Shoes with Arch Support