Camouflage Cowboy Boots

Camo cowboy boot

If you're interested in a chic western look with an urban twist, today's camouflage cowboy boots just might fit the bill.

Camouflage Cowboy Boots: Crossing Style Boundaries

With the increasing emergence of intermingling fashion genres, urban and western styles meet in footwear with styles like camouflage cowboy boots. Famed musical group Big and Rich was pivotal in starting the music now referred to as "hick hop" -- a combination of urban and country music influences that meld together in a new way. It should come as no surprise, that just as the lines have blurred in terms of music, there is a heightened awareness of this concept in the fashion world.

Another concept that related to the popularization of new styles like camo cowboy boots is the original prevalence of camouflage gear and apparel for outdoorsmen and women. While western-style boots and camo apparel are often used today for their aesthetic appeals, they originated with functional purposes -- camouflage was not fashion-oriented, but used as an important disguise or concealment tactic for armed hunters, outdoorspersons, and armed forces personnel. As the fashion world experimented with camouflage and western themed footwear, however, both of these styles have come a long way from being merely functional. Today, cowboy boots and camouflage make a statement: they are more likely to get you noticed than serve as something you can hide behind.

Boot Styles…and Where to Buy

Although camouflage western or cowboy boots might not be the easiest boot style to purchase, with a little shopping savvy you can find available styles from various retailers. These include:

  • The Ariat Gem Baby Camo Boots, available at Shepler's, are rhinestone studded women's cowboy boots that combine black crackle leather with a camouflage shaft for a fun look with a hint of glam. With their stable footbed and patented Evelon outsole, these boots are as functional as they are flirty.
  • Cabela's offers the Ladies FatBaby Camouflage Boots. With a central camouflage design and detailed brown leather shaft, these boots also feature lightweight, comfortable outsoles for looking and feeling great.
  • These Lace Up Boots are mid-calf high and are available at -- a sexier version of the western boot, with a stiletto heel and pointed toe.
  • For men, the Rocky Aztec Wellington Boots in Camo are rugged, waterproof work boots that have great camo and leather styling. These boots are designed to cushion feet and provide traction. Available at Walmart.

Brown and Green Boots

If you're interested in camouflage cowboy boots, a close cousin will be two-toned boots in shades of brown and green. These boots offer a hint of subtle camo style without overpowering the boot. A few examples of these looks include:

Finding camouflage western boots takes a bit more effort than other types of cowboy boots, but a little searching may pay off. Major footwear retailers, like, may yield results for various fashions in western boots. Stores specializing in western footwear and/or apparel may also have offerings in this particular type of boot. If all else fails, consider having a custom-made boot with your specifications in camouflage.

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Camouflage Cowboy Boots