Article Highlight: Cowboy Boot Fashions

Western chic is often one of the most popular trends thanks, in large part, to the cowboy boot. Because you can dress them up or down and wear them with bare legs or jeans, cowboy boots are one of the most versatile… Keep reading »

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woman putting on knee high boots

Boots are perhaps the most versatile type of shoe there is. Women's boots can be sexy or casual. Boots for men can be laid back and rugged. Kids' boots can be functional as well as cute.

Fashion Boots

In the fashion world, boots are often big trendsetters. Tuck your pants into the tops or leave them out; it's up to you. The versatile boot-meets-shoe shootie changed the fashion world forever. Other popular choices are stilettos, knee-highs, cowboy boots, and various patterns and colors, ranging from pink snakeskin to sleek and supple camel-colored leather.

Functional Boots

They're not just for fashion statements, though. Boots can also protect you from the elements. Check out fashionable rain boots for a way to keep your feet and pants dry in rainy weather. There are also specialized boots for dealing with the winter months and snow, on the ski slopes or off.

Ready to hop on your Harley and ride off into the sunset? Take a walk on the wild side and pull on a pair of Harley Davidson boots to finish your look and protect your feet. Not a Harley fan? There are other motorcycle boots out there waiting to accompany you on your ride.

Functional boots aren't only for play. There are many work boots made of materials like leather, with and without steel toes. If you work with chemicals, you'll probably need a pair of rubber boots to keep your skin safe. A comfortable, protective pair of boots can be key to keeping your feet healthy through a long workday.

The Versatile Boot

Many boots combine great style with function, too. Just look at the incredibly popular Uggs -- boots that keep you warm and dry whole making a unique fashion statement. Even new technologies have rendered the sexy high-heeled boot more comfortable. So whether it's a cute set of boots to wear with a skirt, or durable boot to see you through inclement whether, boots are proof that one type of shoe can solve almost all your shoe needs.