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Nike is renowned for offering a range of high-quality footwear for a multitude of purposes. If you're a keen runner, hiker, or just in need of some everyday non-slip shoes, Nike can help you out. Even though… Keep reading »

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Discount Ugg Boots
Discount Ugg Boots

Choosing the shoe brand depends on the type of shoe you're looking for, your budget, and the style statement you want to make.

Choosing Your Shoe Brands

Every shoe brand seems to have its own footprint. They have their own target market. Their own style. Usually if you're looking for a certain type of shoe, you can say, "Hmm…I think I'll look for" and fill in your brand. Candies Shoes are fun and frivolous. They're targeted toward teen girls and young women. Have a flirty dress you want four-inch heels in an attention-grabbing pattern for? Check them out. On a similar note, do you want something classy and slightly dressy with a fun edge? Consider Nine West Shoes. If you're looking for casual comfort without going to an athletic shoe, check out Crocs Shoes or Birkenstock Shoes.

Similar to their designer shoe counterparts, shoe brands often have unique claims to fame. The story behind Adidas Shoes and Puma Shoes starts out as the same. You can learn about how a family broke apart and in the process gave us two great athletic shoe lines. Each shoe brand has its own history and quite a few of them are quite colorful and intriguing.

Smart Shoe Shopping

Reading about the different types can help you realize what you're really looking for. If you want a comfortable dressy-casual shoe with a punk or gothic feel, you'll know that your best bet is going to be Doc Martens; their special soles make it feel good to put your foot down. If you want a comfortable and classic fit, SAS shoes might fit the bill. If it's warmth you crave, Uggs might be your brand.

There are so many different brands, each with their own unique strengths. For smart shoe shopping, remember to do your research to see what other consumers are saying about a particular shoe brand. A little reading can help ensure you're satisfied with your shoe purchase.

Shoe Brands