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extreme high heel
Extreme Heels

As any shoe enthusiast knows, there's nothing quite as exciting as scoping out the season's newest finds, and that's exactly what makes our collection of shoes slideshows so intriguing.

Use Shoe Slideshows to Get Acquainted with Trends

The highest heels, the boldest boots, the most practical work shoes - really, there are so many footwear necessities in our lives that it's impossible not to pay some serious attention to all of these great choices. Add to this the fact that each season brings with it a new set of trends to get acquainted with, and it can be downright confusing deciding what to buy and what to forgo. Our slideshows go a long way in helping you decide whether that hot new trend is right for you or not. Are you wondering if you can pull off Stilettos? How about booties? Browse the slideshows for an idea of the many looks you can take advantage of - or skip altogether.

Get Helpful Shoe Tips

Though we love the look of a gorgeous sandal, we also recognize the importance of taking great care of your precious feet. After all, they'll carry you everywhere for your entire life, so they deserve the TLC. This is especially important if you're a slave to shoes that cause you pain. Many of our slideshows focus on the more practical side of footwear, including choosing shoes that are both cute and comfortable and even how to wear short skirts and boots successfully.

Finally, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, leave them at the bottom of an article and you'll receive an informative response within a couple of days. Keep your eye on our shoes slideshows, too. We're constantly adding fresh ones to the mix for your viewing pleasure.

Shoes Slideshows