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Special occasions call for specialty shoes. Let the hunt begin, and the best shoe win.

Considerations for Special Shoes

Make sure you start shopping as early as possible because you've got quite a few things to consider. For example:

  • Will you be able to wear this shoe again?
  • How comfortable is this shoe? How much walking/dancing/standing will you be doing in it?
  • Is the color just right or could it be better? Should the search continue?
  • Do I search for a dyeable shoe so I can definitely get the right color match?

Even if it's not a special formal occasion like prom or your wedding, picking out Dress shoes is still quite an ordeal. Everybody needs a bit of guidance from time to time when it comes to accessorizing. However, you don't need a shopping buddy to help you. Just do your homework before you set out on your shoe-shopping journey.

Specialty Shoe Tips

When you're shopping for special shoes, try to look for a pair that you can wear long after the event is over unless they're obviously seasonal, like Christmas shoes. Just wear those close to the holiday and store them in your closet for next year. For all other specialty shoes, especially Bridal shoes for your bridesmaids, you'll want to get the most wear out of one pair of shoes. After all, they're spending money for your day. You might as well give them as much bang for their bridal buck as possible. Shop as much for comfort as you can given the style of shoe desired. You won't remember your prom, your wedding day or being in a bridal party with much bliss if the whole night was spent nursing blisters and having your toes pinched.

Search until your heart's content and never underestimate the power of dyeing a pair of shoes if you just can't find the pair you have in mind. Sometimes custom shoes are the answer. Don't hesitate to buy multiple pairs of shoes and pick the best later. As long as you haven't worn them as opposed to just trying them on with your dress or suit, most places allow returns.

Consider exactly what your feet need. Maybe your shoes aren't for a special occasion, but your feet don't fit into the average footwear styles. If you need narrow or wide shoes, or shoes for a special condition, it makes sense to consider footwear designed with those aspects in mind. If you can't find the right shoes for your needs, or are just really after your own style, you might even consider designing your own shoes or getting a custom pair.

Specialty Shoes