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Article Highlight: Cutest Non-Slip Shoes

It doesn't matter what you are doing or where you are going; making a slip-and-fall scene is never cute. Thankfully, there are many stylish non-slip women's shoes on the market. Brands are realizing that looks… Keep reading »

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In today's world of fashion, women's shoes range from glamorous to functional. Contemporary women have access to malls, specialty stores and boutiques where they can buy exactly the type and style of shoe they want to complete their look. Learn what types of shoes are out there, as well as the best ways to wear them at LoveToKnow Shoes.


Shoe styles are more varied than ever before, and with this new wealth of options comes a need for information. Learn about availability, where to buy and how to wear styles like:


Shoes can be a complicated topic; in addition to the many different types, there are also many different ways to wear them. Get advice and how-to information to get the most out of your shoes on topics like:

  • Choosing: Learn how to choose the best type of shoes no matter what the occasion, or what your size, with advice on everything from flats to boots for petite women.
  • Wearing: If you're stumped on what shoes to wear with certain outfits, like summer dresses, you'll find helpful tips and suggestions at LoveToKnow Shoes.
  • Decorating: Exercise your creative muscles while making your shoes look great with tutorials on things like decorating your own flip flops.

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With information, shopping tips and advice you're sure to get more mileage from your shoes than ever before. Turn to the information on LoveToKnow Shoes before you go shopping to get the most from your footwear.

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