Celebrity Boots

Hayden Panettiere in knee high boots

People love to imitate celebrity fashion, and boots are just one of the many coveted items that the world's favorite style icons are wearing. Celebrities have just as much power as the high-end designers when it comes to fashion. In fact, designers often use celebrities to advertise their latest lines on the red carpet as well as in everyday life. Some celebrities have even decided to design their own footwear lines.

Seven Boot Styles Celebrities Love

Celebrities have been photographed in all types of boots. Some of the styles they sport are a little "out there" for everyday life, but plenty catch on in mainstream fashion. A few of the celebrity boot trends that have really stuck around as favorites among real women include:


From Claudia Schiffer to Taylor Momsen, these boots have been everywhere on all types of women. Some may have been skeptical when they first arrived on the scene, but everyone from housewives to college kids can feel comfortable in them. They've also been seen on Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan.

  • The Steve Madden Hazele style goes over the knee and has a very low heel. It's available in black and brown.
  • The GUESS Vale style gives more lift with a 4.5" heel height and is available in black and dark havana (taupe).

Bootie/Shootie/Ankle Boots

Sienna Miller

These shoes can go with pants or skirts, so there's no wonder celebrities and average women alike love their versatility. They've been spotted on Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson, Whitney Port, Nicky Hilton, and more.

Sleek Leather, With Heels

Who doesn't love a pair of boots that can do it all, whether it's time to party or concentrate at work? Taylor Swift has been photographed in them, and she's far from alone. These can be any height and still achieve the same effect, from ankle boots to knee-high.


Cameron Diaz

There's just something about boots with prints--animal print, especially--that seems a little "wild child" but at the same time, appropriate for a range of situations. Nicole Richie has worn them and so has Rachel Bilson. Jennifer Lopez, Ashley Tisdale, and Jessica Szohr have paired their leopard print booties with everything from dresses to leggings.


Knee-high boots are somewhat of a classic, but not as common as mid-calf boots. These look a little more daring but not quite as attention-grabbing as the over-the-knee or thigh-high styles out there. They can be worn with almost anything. Pippa Middleton, Jessica Simpson, and Nicole Scherzinger also wear them while they're out.

Boots Designed by Celebrities

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson's line of footwear is inspired by her love of fashion. She offers high-quality boots made from luxurious materials. Her boots are sold in many department stores and online. Jessica Simpson boots come in a wide variety of styles and are most noted for their super high heels and high style.

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana's footwear line is both hip and fashionable. His shoes and boots are inspired by his love and passion of music. Carlos' boots are all stylish with high heels.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has created a line of footwear that is eye-catching and trendy. Her shoes and boots are sure to make the wearer the center of attention. Her boots can be found both online and at department stores. Check out:

  • The Paris Hilton Alisha boot comes in dark grey leather and features chain detail and a tassel. They have a 4.5" heel with a one-inch platform and a pink sole.
  • The Paris Hilton Jezabel boot is black stretch fabric with a 4.5" wedge heel and 1" platform. They also have a pink sole.

Celebrity Inspiration

Looking for more boot style inspiration from the stars? There are a few sites where you can find the newest shoe information, including celebrity boot trends:

  • Zimbio: One of the things covered in this popular online ezine is celebrity style, boots included.

Boots for Every Outfit

There's a boot for almost any outfit, whether you're wearing a voluminous short dress or a pair of body-hugging leggings. If you want to kick up your jeans a notch with celebrity flair, boots are a given - but you don't have to stop with jeans. The fashion possibilities are endless when you choose boots made popular by - or designed by - superstars. Look to celebrities for creative inspiration; with stylists at their fingertips, they almost never disappoint.

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Celebrity Boots