Cellulite Shoes

Can a shoe aid weight loss?

Are cellulite shoes, or rather, anti-cellulite shoes the best beauty item ever, or are they merely another clever marketing ploy targeted at desperate women? Read on as LoveToKnow explores the reality behind this fitness-intended shoe.

What Are Cellulite Shoes?

Cellulite shoes are a type of footwear intended to reform the way human beings walk. They put pressure on different areas of the foot and leg, creating an entirely different gate than the average person would be capable of when walking in typical shoes. Certain muscles that are generally ignored while walking are utilized while one is wearing the anti-cellulite shoes.

Essentially, cellulite shoes attempt to recreate the way a person would walk barefoot. It is pretty inconceivable to carry out one's daily routine without shoes-though an ideological minority has been known to try it. By changing a person's gait, these shoes are claimed to be able to improve circulation, reduce varicose veins, and even melt accumulated fat. Moreover, the altered posture of the wearer can supposedly enhance breathing and improve joint problems. So, it isn't just weight loss that is encouraged by these shoes.

Cellulite shoes are really labeled MBT shoes, which stands for Masai Barefoot Technology. They are the product of Swiss engineer Karl Muller who gained the idea for his invention on vacation while treading barefoot around Korean paddy fields. He noticed that his back pain was greatly alleviated by barefoot walking. However, since walking around filthy city streets and indoor restaurants would warrant decent footwear, he set out to design a flock of shoes that would best mimic the sensation of walking barefoot. MBT shoes began in 1996 and many models and celebrities jumped on to the bandwagon as soon as the words "improve cellulite'' reached their ears.

Health, Hype, or Hoax?

Is, then, the design of these shoes intended to improve the wearer's walk or simply drain his wallet? The goal of the MBT company is to help the "world lead a healthier, more active, happier life", according to the official company site. Yet, many people believe that the idea of a shoe influencing weight or fat loss is a complete scam.

To begin, it is true that walking barefoot will activate certain joints and muscles in a way that cannot be done while wearing traditionally [[Shoe Soles|soled] shoes. Claiming to be the "first physiological shoes" that make walking less of merely a foot and more of a whole body experience, MBT footwear is designed so that pressure is distributed evenly along the whole foot. The bottom of the shoes is rounded out to appear as though the wearer is walking on a rocker. This design is said to increase the muscle activity of the buttocks by nine percent, lower limbs' activity by 18%, involve the abdominal muscles, and place 19% less strain on the hips and joints. The increased activation of certain previously neglected muscles aids toning, helps heal joint and connective tissue injuries, and improves posture. The anti-cellulite effect is probably due to the extra activation of muscles.

With only an additional 9% increase in gluteal activity, is this really enough to reduce cellulite? If cellulite is affected by these shoes, the amount of reduction can hardly be dramatic. Moreover, the key component behind the success of this product is walking. Hence, if you aren't exercising, don't expect any results at all. Moreover, if exercise is the fuel behind the shoe, would it not be more practical to get a gym membership or at least start a jogging program around your neighborhood?

Though MBT shoes might bring idle muscles back into play, rigorous exercise will also improve your circulation and increase fat and weight loss. People looking to drop pounds by purchasing a pair of $200 innovative shoes will find the results to be disappointingly subtle.

However, it is very possible for certain joint, ligament, and tendon disorders to be aided by MBT shoes. Health reasons would be adequate justification for choosing the MBT designs over general footwear. However, if you're looking to shed pounds, hit the treadmill.

Where to Purchase

Visit the MBT store locator for information regarding where these shoes can be purchased.

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