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Bowling Shoes

If you're bowling in a small league or just like to bowl on a regular basis, you might want to buy your own shoes instead of paying the rental fee each time you visit the bowling alley. You don't have to spend a fortune; some pairs of bowling shoes are cheap but still feel great on your feet.

Where to Find Cheap Bowling Shoes

A cheap pair of bowling shoes will pay for themselves in no time with the amount you will save on rental fees (assuming you're a frequent bowler). Shopping online is the quickest way to find what you're looking for and compare prices, but you can get cheap bowling shoes in a brick-and-mortar stores, too. Check these out:

Best Bowling

Best Bowling offers inexpensive shoes in men's, women's, and youth sizing. You could pay as little as about $30.00 for a pair. You will also get free shipping every day.

Brunswick Vapor Black/Silver
Brunswick Vapor Black/Silver
  • The Brunswick Vapor Black/Silver for men comes in sizes seven to 14, with half sizes available through 11.5. They have synthetic uppers and pure slide microfiber slide soles. For comfort, the collar and tongue are padded with foam. Expect to pay about $45.00.
  • The KR Strikeforce Youth Satin White/Aqua option is less than $40.00 and available in sizes one through five for young bowlers. They're designed to be soft, comfortable, and durable, with a man-made upper, padding at the collar and tongue, and microfiber slide pads on both shoes.

Buddies Pro Shop

Buddies Pro Shop has pages of shoes to choose from, with some styles that cost less than $50.00. Some of the shoes here don't have the traditional bowling shoe look, so if you're looking for a fashionable pair that will stand out at the bowling alley, check here.

  • The Dexter Ana is also for women and Buddies Pro Shop offers the same optional fee of $10.00 to cover an exchange. This style is available for less than $50.00 and comes in sizes six through 11, with half sizes available through 9.5. The upper looks like twill and is gray with a blue trim, again not your typical bowling shoe look, but still more understated than some other styles. These also come with the S8 microfiber slide soles.
Dexter Ana bowling shoe
Dexter Ana
  • The Dexter Katie has a blue floral cotton canvas upper, for example, which isn't something you see everyday on a bowling shoe. There is a padded collar and EVA footbed for comfort as well as S8 microfiber slide soles on both shoes. They're under $50.00, but if you're not totally confident in your shoe size, you can add a $10.00 fee to cover any potential extra costs related to an exchange. This covers the cost to ship the shoes back and have a new pair in a different size shipped to you.

Cheap Bowling Balls

Cheap Bowling Balls also carries cheap bowling shoes. Though not all of the styles they carry are inexpensive, you can sort by price and find styles as low as about $35.00.

  • The Classic Velcro Leather Rental Shoes for kids are similar to the rental style above, this time easier to get on and off (no laces!) and available in kids' sizes eight to 13 and youth sizes one to five. All sizes are done in blue, red, and silver and have a padded insole and man-made upper. These cost about $40.00 and come with a one-year warranty with the option of a two-year warranty for about $5.00.
Classic Velcro Leather Rental Shoes
Classic Velcro Leather Rental Shoes
  • Leather Laced Rental Shoes give you the same look the traditional rental shoe has, but you never have to share with strangers. They come in women's sizes five through 11, with half sizes through 9.5. Expect to pay around $40.00 for these. They're designed to be soft, durable, comfortable, and the white areas glow under blacklights. They come with a one-year warranty, but you can purchase a two-year warranty for about $5.00. Shipping is free, but if you're worried about the sizing, you may want to add the shoe size protection for about $10.00.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods offers some styles of bowling shoes for around $40.00 (and you may be able to get that even lower by signing up for email sale alerts and their rewards program). If you have a store near you, you'll get the added benefit of being able to try the shoes on before making a purchase. Plus you won't have to wait for the shoes to be shipped to your door if you need them soon. Dick's Sporting Goods offers free shipping and return shipping on footwear, so there's no extra cost there.

  • The Dexter Vicky for women only costs about $40.00 and comes in sizes six through 11, with half sizes through 9.5. It's a gray and silver option with soft purple accents. These offer the S8 microfiber slides and are designed for ankle mobility, durability, stability, and comfort.
  • The KR Strikeforce Men's Flyer Bowling Shoe costs about $50.00 and comes in four color combinations: black/orange, black/blue, black/white, and black with white stitching. Get it in sizes six through 14, with half sizes up to 11.5. These are fully padded at the tongue and collar, sturdy, and designed to provide support and comfort where you need them most. They use Komfort-Fit? to keep you comfortable as long as you play and microfiber pads that have FlexSlide Technology? to ensure smooth slides.

Discount Bowling Supply

Discount Bowling Supply has some bowling shoes for under $30.00, especially during sales. They offer a 30-day return (not exchange) period to keep things simple in case you get a bad fit or the shoe just doesn't work for you. You will be charged a 15 percent restocking fee, however.

  • The Elite Athena bowling shoes for women are a black and pink combination that's attention-grabbing without being especially loud like some of the other neon styles on the site. They're available in sizes five through 10 (half sizes are also available) for about $50.00 and come with universal slide soles, a lightweight design, and a two-year warranty. Add-ons like Pro-Tec shoe covers, special sliders, brushes, additional warranties, and fit protection range from about $4.00 to around $10.00. Bags are available for $5.00 to about $60.00.
  • The Elite Triton Black Bowling Shoes for men come in sizes seven to 14 (half sizes available through 11.5) for about $50.00. They have the same types of add-ons as the Athena (above) and also come with a two-year warranty. They have universal slides and are designed to perform well for bowlers of all skill levels, whether they're left- or- right-handed.


Amazon has a seemingly endless selection of styles, some you may not find anywhere else. You can get some of them for less than $30.00. If you have Prime, there's a good chance you can get your shoes in just two days. Amazon also makes returns and exchanges as painless as possible.

  • The Pyramid Men's Skull Green/Black Bowling Shoes come in sizes seven through 15 (half sizes available through 11.5) for about $40.00. These can be worn by right-handed or left-handed bowlers and come with universal slide soles. With these, you get a two-year warranty. The company keeps the environment in mind when it comes to packaging; these come with a shoe bag but not a box.
Pyramid Men's Skull Green/Black Bowling Shoes
Pyramid Men's Skull Green/Black Bowling Shoes
  • The Linds Women's Leah Bowling Shoes are a combination of neon pink, neon yellow, and black. They're for the ladies who like to stand out and they only cost about $30.00 to $40.00. Get them in sizes 5.5 through 9.5. Experts may not love these, but they're designed with the beginner and intermediate bowler in mind. They're designed to be durable and slide well right out of the box (they come with universal slide soles).

What to Expect from Cheap Shoes

Sometimes you "get what you pay for," as the saying goes. Cheap bowling shoes may not satisfy the most avid bowlers, but for the average person who just enjoys going bowling with friends several times per year, a pair of cheap shoes will probably provide the comfort, durability, and performance necessary. Since some of the shops that sell bowling shoes for less have special return and exchange policies, do your research and ask them questions before making a purchase. You'll want to be as sure as you can that you're getting the right size the first time around.

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