Cheap Women's White Strappy Dress Shoes

white womens stappy shoes

Their allure is irresistible when warm weather arrives, so it is no wonder so many are on the hunt for cheap women's white strappy dress shoes. A strappy sandal in itself is a fashion essential that no woman should be without, but a white version offers a different set of options from, say, a black style. This is a shoe that's surprisingly versatile!

Wearing White Dress Shoes

Your dress shoes will see you through plenty of special occasions during your lifetime. From fancy dinner parties and summertime soirees to evening galas and special dates, there's usually something on the agenda that calls for the ubiquitous shoe. White shoes, though, are another matter altogether. Most of these types of events call more for the typical black or metallic dress shoe. White is generally not considered the color of choice for special occasions.

On the other hand, that doesn't mean white is off limits. Like a breath of fresh air, white adds a light, polished finish to any glamorous look. If your ensemble is appropriate and the occasion calls for it, there is absolutely no reason not to embrace the beauty of a pair of white dress shoes!

Finding Cheap Women's White Strappy Dress Shoes

Of course, wanting a shoe and actually having it are two very different things. Some of the most gorgeous shoes out there fall on the higher end of the scale, and can be impractical choices for anyone who is keeping a close eye on her finances. The good news is that there are inexpensive options to be found that don't sacrifice quality or style. This can spell relief for many women, but it can also pose a challenge if they aren't sure where to look.

Cheap women's white strappy dress shoes may not be available everywhere, but you're more than likely to have your pick of the litter if you dig deep and do some serious shopping. Price comparisons are important; to that end, it's helpful to keep a few pairs of dress shoes in mind instead of springing for the first pair you see. Having options simply makes shoe shopping more enjoyable, especially when it comes to something as beguiling and noteworthy as a dress shoe.

Keep your eye on the following Web sites or visit their stores (if applicable) to find a few inexpensive versions that will see you through your next white shoe-appropriate event:

  • Payless ShoeSource has really upped its game in recent years. Once a haven for cheap shoes without much of a focus on style, today the store routinely collaborates with big name designers to offer chic capsule collections at affordable prices. Visit the online "Special Occasion" section in early spring to find plenty of white strappy selections.
  • DSW is known for its selection of high-end footwear at low- to mid-range prices. If your budget has a bit of wiggle room, you might want to check out the vast selection. The store itself brims with wall-to-wall shoes, but start with the Web site if you want to avoid being overwhelmed. Prices and designers vary, but you can expect to pay somewhere between $50-60 for a brand name (though not necessarily designer) strappy heel.
  • Target is perhaps one of the easier places to shop for that white strappy dress shoe. Visit the Web site and you'll find that the "Special Occasion" section offers a color selector within. Choose white to reveal a modest selection of inexpensive strappy heels, ranging from low-key and diminutive to flashy and elegant. Most of the shoes revolve around the $30 and under mark, and many styles are often marked down further.

Proper Fit

Note that all of the stores mentioned have brick and mortar locations in addition to Web sites. When choosing strappy sandals, it is usually beneficial to try them on beforehand to ensure a proper fit. Often, straps can dig into the skin, and other details like jewel embellishments may feel cumbersome on certain people. Unless you're absolutely sure you're going to love that strappy dress shoe you see online, try it on in person first!

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Cheap Women's White Strappy Dress Shoes