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Children's Winter Boots


With today's trends, children's winter boots are not just about staying warm, but also about being in style.

Finding the Right Children's Winter Boots

Just like the kids wearing them, winter boots come with different personalities and styles. Choosing the right ones can be a daunting task.

First, you must decide if the region in which you live necessitates winter boots or snow boots. Winter boots are designed merely to keep feet warmer, while snow boots generally provide more insulation and traction to help deal with slippery ice when walking.

When shopping for this specialized type of shoe, it is important to look for both waterproofing and a design that suits the child in mind. Velcro is usually preferred over laces, especially for younger children. Be sure to shop with your child so that you can observe what they look for in a shoe, and what is manageable for them when it comes to taking them on and off.

The following are just a few of the many kinds of children's winter boots available:


One type of boot that comes in the pint-sized variety is the Australian Ugg. Able to keep feet warm and cozy during even extreme temperatures, they are popular for their indoor and outdoor versatility as well as easy removal. Kids love Uggs because they come in an array of eyecatching colors, including blue and hot pink. Uggs are a great choice because they are as stylish with school clothes as they are on a day out in the snow. If you live in milder climates, you can really get your money's worth by wearing your Uggs year round.

However, be warned that Uggs do not come cheap. Adult pairs will run over $100, and the younger versions aren't far behind. Uggs are definitely an investment, which often cause parents to be hesitant when purchasing them for an active child.

Khombu Kids

Incorporating child-friendly details into their shoes, Khombu Kids are at the top of many winter shopping lists.

From hearts to camouflage, Khombu Kids contain whimsical designs your child will love to wear. If you have a younger child, you will enjoy watching them revel in their independence while they easily fasten and unfasten their boots; a perk of the Khombu convenient rear hook & loop closure.


For kids growing up in areas that guarantee snow, Timberland makes a high quality shoe called the Snow Stomper. Protecting little feet with waterproof suede and nylon, you will find Snow Stompers to be the ultimate in insulation and comfort. You'll also appreciate the prices associated with the Timberland brand, especially when taking into account the great life span and level of durability their shoes promise.

Shopping for the Perfect Find

Since many kids remain unappreciative regarding the concept of retail therapy, you will want to make your shopping trip for children's winter boots as quick and painless as possible. Make this happen by spending some time on the Internet and seeing what catches your child's eye. You may think that you can shop for your child, but you will be surprised. Kids' preferences fluctuate and what may have been purple one day just might be green today. So give them a chance to peruse the web and see what is available. After looking online, discuss with your child what type of children's winter boots you are not going to buy. This will mitigate any conflict when you refuse to purchase the overpriced and impractical shoes that just happen to have Spongebob Squarepants on them.

Actually, buying children's winter boots on the Internet is not recommended, as young feet tend to size differently depending upon the brand and style. Instead, take the time to go into a quality store specializing in seasonal footwear and have your child properly sized.

When you are at the store, have your child take the shoes on and off without any help. If this is a struggle, then they may not be the best choice for you. Children's winter boots should be designed to help children put them on independently, but it never hurts to do a test run before committing to a purchase.

On a final note, remember to grant your child his or her own voice when it comes to boot shopping. You may need to stress the importance of practicality, but if they are wild about a design or style you wouldn't have chosen yourself, consider being open minded.

As long as the shoe fits and is ideal for your weather and preferences, let your kids have a say in what they will wear on their feet. After all, any article of clothing that a child refuses to wear will be a waste of money and time.

Children's Winter Boots