Chunky Shoes

Year-Round Sandals

Bold shoes add flair to any outfit. They grab attention, they counter a slim silhouette, and they may even be the unexpected touch you're looking for to take your outfit from everybody's classic to your own twist on an old favorite. Sometimes an average shoe can appear even chunkier than it is, giving the same effect without adding true bulk that may make you uncomfortable. Chunky shoes are in almost every season, in one way or another, so you can pair them with almost any type of outfit, from miniskirts to sweaters and jeans.

As shown here, sandals with chunky heels can be worn with tights or knee-socks well into the cooler months.

Studded Ankle Boots

Studded ankle boots are chunky shoes with a twist. Adding studs to any shoe will make it appear chunkier and give your look an edgy vibe that a simple black boot will never achieve.

This pair, sported by Nicole Richie, work well with torn jeans. They'd be equally at home with a funky skirt and denim jacket.

Bright and Bold on Display

Bright, bold, and chunky, heels like these can never be anything but attention grabbers. Pair them with slim-fitting pants or even capris to really make them the center of attention.

It's All In the Pairing

By putting vibrantly colored shoes on a background of black tights, they'll look chunkier without feeling clunky. Black slims and bright colors add volume. These red shoes wouldn't appear as chunky next to a pair of blue jeans.

Steadier Than Stilettos

Heels are one place where shoes can always get chunky without affecting the overall appearance and wearability of a shoe. This heel makes the shoe appear chunkier than its stiletto counterparts, but also more stable. However, it can still be paired with almost any type of outfit without looking so chunky that it's out of place.

Buckles Add Bulk

Take an otherwise drab shoe and add buckles and you get a chunky, stylish look that goes with everything from sweet miniskirts to blue jeans of almost any cut.

Cowboy Boots for Volume

Cowboy styles tend to be chunkier than other unadorned boot styles because they don't hug the leg near the top. They can be worn any time of year with shorts, skirts, or blue jeans. Find some with fringe for extra volume.

Chunky Yet Snug

Chunky shoes don't have to feel cumbersome to walk in. These peep-toe boots hug the foot while remaining loose around the top. The buckles and wide heel give them a chunky look without the chunky feel.

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Chunky Shoes