Clear Wedding Shoes

They match just about everything!

As a bride, you've got enough to agonize about without trying to find shoes that match your dress exactly, so clear wedding shoes are an excellent solution. These are also wedding shoes that can be worn for any other dressy occasion. These clear shoes are one investment that pays off beyond the grand day itself.

Nothing Opaque About Clear Wedding Shoes

It's simple. You've probably spent months choosing the dress, and getting the color that suits you perfectly was a full-time job. So now you can spend another several weeks and several hundred dollars on shoes that are a perfect match for that color, even though they'll hardly been seen or noticed, or you can make one aspect of bridal preparation easy and get a clear shoe that would match anything, even if you're getting married in a Pucci print.

Buying Clear Wedding Shoes Online

For most shoes, it's wisest to try on and get a sense of fit before ordering them online. But you've got so many other things to shop for when preparing for a wedding, you're wiser to save yourself some time and shop online. If you do so well enough in advance, you can always do an exchange should the shoes be a disaster. Bear in mind that, while comfort would be nice, you're going to be on your feet all day and unless you plan on wearing Birkenstocks, your chances of real comfort are negligible. You want to look fabulous, so go for what looks fabulous and trust that you'll get a few nice foot massages on the honeymoon.

A number of online shoe stores carry a range of clear wedding shoes. Bridal People has a good range at very low prices. Some of these shoes include:

  • Lee Vinyl Shoe With Ribbon
    • If you're wearing the sort of dress with which a touch of drama and flirtiness in the shoes will not be distracting, this is a fun shoe to try. It features long ribbon ties in a variety of colors that criss-cross over the foot and tie in a manner reminiscent of a ballet shoe just above the ankle. It's playful but simple, and adds a bit of pizzazz. The heel is 2 inches high and the pair come with ribbons in white, black, yellow, orange, pink, red, dark blue, gray, lavender, peach, teal, hot pink and light green. Of course, you can always substitute your own ribbon for a truer match. The shoes cost $38.10.
  • Mitzi Vinyl Wedge Shoe With Ribbon
    • A fun shoe for a spring or summer wedding, the Mitzi is a clear wedge that also comes in silver metallic and is topped with a big ribbon bow, which comes in 13 different colors. The band and platform toe are clear. The heel is a wicked 3 1/2 inches and the shoe costs $51.75.
  • Cinderella
    • Well, of course you can't feature clear wedding shoes without having one that's called a Cinderella, right? This is basically a vinyl pump with a 2-inch heel. It's said to make you feel like you're in a fairy tale, but since vinyl doesn't breathe and there's a lot of it surrounding your foot, you may not end up feeling like a princess. This is a shoe that would be better for a cool weather wedding. Or, of course, you can always swap shoes when it comes time for dancing. The Cinderella costs $45.90.

Loving Lucite

Many clear wedding shoes feature Lucite straps or detailing, which will add yet more excitement to your glass slipper. These features will also add to the cost, so keep that in mind when choosing your shoe.

The Final Polish

You'll look like Cinderella in clear shoes, but your feet will also be on display all day, so allow plenty of time for a good pedicure, along with your manicure, hair and makeup appointments. The advantage of clear shoes is that you can get a pedicure a day or two in advance. No matter what, you're going to sparkle from top to toe!

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Clear Wedding Shoes