Cork Stripper Shoes


Cork stripper shoes are not just for the professionally risqué. Plenty of women are wearing these cutting edge shoes out to the clubs and even on their wedding day.

The Popularity of Cork Stripper Shoes

Formerly classified as shoes only worn by those who earn a living by taking their clothes off, "stripper" shoes are now popular for a variety of social occasions, from informal to formal.

Much to some parents' dismay, cork stripper shoes have become very popular with teenage girls as well. They can be seen at birthday parties and proms, bringing a whole new look to modern day glamour.

Of course, those who work in the industries of escort services and dancing still do wear these shoes. However the mainstreaming of this footwear type has caused it to stretch well beyond the nightclub and stage. Just as the playboy bunny has become a trendy cultural icon, cork stripper shoes have also become an overnight success with the public.

Different Styles

Just as their name implies, cork stripper shoes have a heel and platform made of cork. The higher the heel, the more distinct the style, causing some stripper shoes to be as tall as 8 inches. Walking in such high heels can be a challenge to some, but women who appreciate this style of footwear adapt easily to the inconvenience and feel sexier and more gorgeous than they would in flats.

However, as the style has evolved, many versions of cork stripper shoes available do not involve corkwood at all. Instead, the platform and heel come in plastic or other materials that are durable and reasonable for walking.

Elongating Lucite

Lucite is one form of plastic that is often found on stripper shoes. Like a grown up version of Cinderella's glass slipper, women are getting dressed up for their prince charming with this clear acrylic material. Found also in accessories, ladies love Lucite due to the fact it goes with anything. You don't have to worry about your outfit matching clear shoes and jewelry, so you have more freedom to express yourself through your clothing. Lucite "cork" stripper shoes gained popularity among celebrities who discovered it gave the illusion of very long legs. When in the spotlight, tricks must be executed to always look tall and slender. Lucite has helped make that bodily elongation a reality.

Fun Fabric

If your style of dress is considered a little more outgoing and exotic, the cork stripper shoe industry has got you covered. Shoes are available in a myriad of fun designs ranging from romantic silk solids to a bold leopard print. Vinyl boots are also in hot demand, as are platform sandals with a wrap up ribbon. With the latter style, the ribbon wraps up to the mid calf, again achieving a slimming effect.

The Ouch Factor

The original popularity of elevated shoes and sandals dawned in the 1970s. Back then, many women suffered injuries ranging from a sprained ankle to a fractured skull, due to the fact that they struggled to walk in a pair of these wobblers.

Unfortunately, things have not improved much in 30 years. Women still do commonly injure themselves when wearing cork stripper shoes and those similar. Losing your balance is particularly easy in this style of shoe, and they leave no room for running, side stepping, or any of the other daily movements the average person executes.

If you do sprain your ankle or sustain any sort of pulled muscle of the foot, it is important to take it easy and abstain from wearing those shoes until you have fully recovered. Rest your foot, use plenty of ice, and keep your ankle elevated as much as possible.

Even if you do not get injured, cork stripper shoes can place a tremendous strain on your foot and leg muscles. You may find your lower body becoming sore after wearing them for extended periods of time.

Although cork stripper shoes can be fun to wear, health is of number one importance. Remember this next time you are ready to go dance the night away!

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