Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots

Where Do Boots Belong?

You don't have to be going to the rodeo. You don't even have to be headed to the bar to ride a mechanical bull. Where do cowboy boots find their place, then? The grocery store. The mall. A park. Blame it on The Dukes of Hazzard. Blame it on a designer's wish to be unique in bringing back the Old West. Wear them proudly, as they are a piece of American history.

What Can You Possibly Wear with Cowboy Boots?

womens cowboy boots
  • Skirts. Minis, knee length, long, or flowy--boots can flatter them all.
  • Jeans. Some wear their boots tucked into their jeans. Others wear them underneath the flare of a bootcut fit. And, of course, cowboy boots go with any shade of blue--from the darkest denim to the lightest wash. Black's questionable, but if you can make black jeans work at all, go for it!
  • Dresses. Any length goes, just like with skirts. Jessica Simpson has been spotted off-screen in a light and airy pastel calf-length dress paired with cowboy boots! She seems to love the look, but she's not the only one able to pull it off. Anybody can.
  • Shorts. Yes, even shorts. Short jean shorts can pair nicely with cowboy boots. But, tread carefully to avoid looking like you're Daisy Duke's sister.

What NOT to Wear with Cowboy Boots

  • Work clothes. Unless you're a rancher, leave the boots for your off duty hours. You may think this is a joke, but there's a doctor somewhere wearing boots and a button-up with his white coat and stethoscope. He's the laughingstock of the medical world.
  • Tight, tight, tapered jeans with a western-style shirt. Looking like Howdy-Doody is a fashion don't. Some of the new jeans are designed with a slightly tapered leg to fit inside boots. Wear a looser shirt.
  • Tuxes. Some men think proms and weddings are the perfect opportunity to pull out the old cowboy boots. Please don't! And ladies, set the ground rules before he gets the chance to let his mind go there.
  • Gym clothes. Did I really have to tell you this? That means no leggings, no yoga pants, no short purple cotton shorts with the waistband turned down.

Shopping Tips

The style of cowboy boots is usually pointy-toe, mid-calf height, and in leather or snakeskin. Upscale stores offer a modern twist on an old classic. Cowboy boots can also be sexy boots.Try before you buy whenever possible. Boots often fit differently than your work loafers in the same size. The pointed toe that most of them have can influence how they wear. You don't want to order something for a night out only to have them pinch your toes to misery.

Many department stores now carry cowboy boots because of their popularity. You can also find them at Western-themed stores, and quite a few online boot stores. Just Google "cowboy boot fashion."

Shopping online isn't the best option, but it's all you can do if you live in the boonies. You want access to style, right? Want to have the best boots in town? Then yep, you'll want to resort to online shopping. Read reviews first so you know what size to order. Check for an impressive selection.


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Cowboy Boots