Creeper Shoes

A pair of brother creepers.

If you thought creeper shoes disappeared after the 1950s, then you must have missed the huge role these shoes play in the fashion of numerous subcultures.

What Are Creeper Shoes

In earlier decades, creeper shoes were a symbol of suave, Sinatra-like sophistication. Matched with pinstriped shoes and slick looking hats, creeper shoes were once part of a culturally iconic Hollywood fashion. The shoes look almost like a loafer mounted upon a 1.5 to 2 inch platform, and they experienced their first debut in the 1950s when George Cox allowed his footwear vision to materialize.

The creeper shoe, also known as the brothel creeper, evolved throughout the decades and by the 1990s was established as a fashionable choice for certain cultures such as the rockabilly, psychobilly, and goth groups.

How to Wear Your Creepers

As mentioned previously, creeper shoes have become a remarkably versatile shoe style within several subcutlures. Much in the way that military boots have been snatched up by both punk and gothic cultures, the creeper shoe proves to be every bit as desirable between the rockabilly and goth groups.

What is the rockabilly or psychobilly movement? If you take the debonair fashions of the 1950s and throw in a heap of tattoos, while simultaneously tossing out the pristine values of that era, you will only scratch at the surface of this subculture.

The goth movement holds a multitude of different groups and philosphies within itself. The Victorian goths who rejoice in period clothing and high-heeled leather boots are not the same goths who find creeper shoes an amusing addition to their closets'contents.

So it's important that before you leap to purchase your first pair of creepers you establish a firm sense of self and decide to which peculiar subculture you belong. After all, part of being an individual is having a clear self-definition, and whatever insecurities you still possess can be easily concealed with a wild distractive wardrobe.

You're Definitively Goth

You may not be as poetically depressed as your Edwardian goth counterparts, but you love skulls, rejoice in suffering, and fear ultra-violet rays with every cell in your pallid flesh. Congratulations! There are many styles of creepers available to you that feature classic goth colors such as red, black, and violet. Moreover, many of these creeper shoes have unique little skull appliqués and other useful features. The offers a hearty selection of evil creepers that possess an amazing storage feature. These creepers are referred to as Coffin Creepers and they allow you to store small items within the lug-sole of your shoe! How convenient is that for sneaking illegal paraphernalia and spell sheets into class?

Do be aware, however, that creepers featuring plaid, stars, and other non-dark appliqués are a step away from your goth roots and in the direction of the punk subculture. Choose your footwear wisely so that your evil friends do not accuse you of being "un poseur".

You Are Undoubtedly Psychobilly

You love skulls and the deep hours of night, but instead of cloves and cemeteries, you prefer a loud evening of beer, belching and violent roller-skating. Awesome. You're so rockabilly. Well, then, there are many varieties of creeper shoes available to your subculture.

For females, check out the girly selection at Paired with a plaid miniskirt, these endearing little shoes will offer everything from embossed pink hearts to distinctive little cherries that will go well with your Hot Topic sundresses. Being tough and rockabilly doesn't mean you can't add a few feminine elements to your wardrobe!

Men can also feel decidedly elegant with SpookyBoutique's incredible selection of Mondo Creepers in colors like red, white, electric blue suede, and your cozy traditional black. And if you're the active type, SpookyBoutique also sells a variety of "sneaker creeps" that feature soft flexible soles. They're perfect for a night of being chased down by the cops!

Where to Purchase

Aside from hip stores like Hot Topic, the Internet holds a wide array of specialty shoe vendors. Naturally, is a great place to go if you're looking for creeper shoes that include styles for the punk, psychobilly, and goth subcutlures.

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