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Custom Team Flip Flops

Pair of striped flip flops
Decorate to show your team spirit.

Custom team flip flops are an easy way to create team giveaway prizes, team packages at the end of the season, or to give away for pep rallies and game victories. By choosing the right style flip flop, you can develop a memorable item for any team, from softball to baseball to soccer. It's time to get matching with your teammates.

Tips for Custom Team Flip Flops

Try one of these sandal hints for your custom shoes.

Pick a Style

  • Combine colors by choosing flip flops with a solid sole and a different-colored flip flop strap if you have multiple team colors.
  • Choose a flip flop that focuses on your team colors. You can find flip flops in any color out there!
  • Consider getting a designer flip flop style that features a decorative sole design in flowers and geometrics.
  • Consider a more daring style of shoe, like a cool wedge flip flop, that will allow you to write more on the side of the sole.
  • Look for flip flop sandals in different designs to give to the president of your group or your team captain. Get something with metallic accents or additional straps to make them look special.
  • Don't just use sandals with white printing on them if you're going for slogans. Try getting your colorful slogans printed in primaries and day glos.
  • Consider hiring a graphic designer or a local artist to help you come up with something creative just for your team.

Add Decorative Additions

  • Get your team's logo printed on the sole of your flip flop. You can choose between the name of a team, your slogan, or the picture of your mascot.
  • Ask for a printed slogan or saying along the outside of the shoe's sole.
  • Consider purchasing your own flip flops before being decorated, because you can purchase high-quality shoes that will last much longer.
  • Look for funny charms that can be clipped onto your flip flops to add flair to your feet. Look for animals that fit your mascot description, or pick up a fun charm that suits an inside team joke. The sky's the limit!

Additional Hints

  • Ask around to see which colors, designs, or additional decorative elements your team likes. Don't stick everyone with a set of shoes they won't enjoy wearing.
  • Try to get a few samples of the flip flops you are considering for your order. Walk around in them and see how they feel, and ask who the providers are of the shoes.
  • Not all team flip flops need to be all about sports. You can get flip flops for academic teams, clubs, and neighborhood hobby clubs.
  • Be sure to choose sandals that won't look dirty fast. Get something budget-friendly and budget-smart with colorful, dirt-resistant designs. Red, navy, dark green, and brown are all good colors.
  • Affix a team-colored tassel at the flip flop straps for academic flair. Your debate team or speech team flip flops will look amazing with a coordinating color, and the shoes will be a cool conversation piece as well.
  • Buy a few extra pairs of custom flip flops for fans, family members, and team leaders or coaches. You might even want to get one for your mascot!
  • Get a gift bag for your flip flops if you'll be giving them out for gifts at wrap-up parties or post-season bashes.

Wear to Buy Your Team Flip Flops

  • Get custom-printed sandals at
  • Get easy logo flip flops at Flip Flops to Go.
  • Do some research on printed flip flops at Logo Flops. You'll be surprised at all the options available out there.
  • Go to Amazon to find smaller quantities of flip flops in multiple colors.
Custom Team Flip Flops