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Whether you're into vintage styles, have an odd-sized foot or just prefer to be unique, you may want to learn how to design your own shoes. You can also customize a popular style to suit your own individual flair.

Custom Design Your Own Shoes

As kids, we all do a little customizing of our shoes, whether by buying funky laces or drawing on them with markers. But why stop once we grow up? A number of shoe manufacturers know that customers want to give their shoes some extra personality. So they customizing easily available for reasonable prices. Some of these manufacturers include:

  • Converse
    • Chuck Taylor Converse shoes have always been individualistic, but now you can take a blank shoe and do with it what you will. Their custom service is called Make Mine Red and it's particularly excellent because 15% of the net sales go to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. Not only will you end up with Converse that are unique conversation pieces, but you'll do something to help the world. Walking in these shoes has never felt so good.
  • Nike
    • Their custom design division is NikeID. You can take any shoe you like and arrange to have a mascot, logo or graphic of your choice emblazoned in the location of your preference. Or, you can start with a perfectly blank shoe and do with it what you will. Orders take four weeks to fulfill unless stated otherwise. The cost is the retail price of the shoe, plus shipping and a "custom design fee" which is not stated on the web site. Presumably, it varies depending on the complexity of your design. Their customer service is available for consultation prior to placing an order.
  • Vans
    • Remember Spicoli's Vans in Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Vans allows you to design your own shoes on two forms: the slip-on and the "old skool." Unless you're a Vans addict, their custom designs are not worthwhile. All you can do is choose from their set color and pattern palettes to build the shoe and you can't view your design until after you've given them all your information. The shoes take five to seven weeks to be delivered. They are, however, inexpensive, costing only $50 before tax and shipping.

Design Your Own Shoes for Dance

Dancers, whether professional or serious amateur swing dancers, need shoes of high quality, but also shoes style and pizzazz. These are the perfect sort of shoes to design yourself with the help of a good company, so try TNT Dance Designs. Their styles are glamorous and elegant, their work is meticulous and their prices reasonable. If you're entering a dance competition, you should definitely consider these custom shoes so that no one will forget either your footwork or your feet. TNT Dance Design shoes are also a good option for anyone who loves a retro look and wants something a bit more unique. Dance shoes cannot be worn on the street, but if you're going to be indoors all evening, your feet can make a splash.

Channel Your Inner Cobbler

If you are crafty and serious about your footwear, it's less difficult than you may think to learn to make your own shoes. Check out the Web site of shoe addict Mary Wales Loomis. She has a book that she promises can teach anyone to learn to make their own shoes, and there are a number of testimonials attesting to that statement.

Alternatively, if there's a theatrical designer in your neighborhood, ask them if they make shoes or can recommend someone who does. You may end up spending in excess of $500, but this will be worth it for shoes that fit your foot perfectly and look sensational.
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Design Your Own Shoes