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Ladies' Designer Shoes for Fall

In the fall, designer shoes for women offer the latest combinations of boots, sandals, and more. Since the temperature is just starting to cool down in the fall, there are still warmer days when a vampy polish color is free to be on display, amidst the cooler days when boots, pumps, and loafers are the way to go.

These open-toe boots, spotted in an Armani fashion show in Milan, are a perfect example of how a shoe can transition from one season to the next.


A bootie with cutouts is perfect for shifting temperatures. This design from Christian Dior is a boot, but it's not too tall or too stifling for the foot and ankle, thanks to the unique peekaboo design.

Temperatures Drop, Boots Rise

When those temperatures do finally drop -- especially at night -- you can't go wrong with an over-the-knee boot like this one from the Croatian label Coded Edge. Over-the-knee boots are arguably one of the sexiest fall styles and a perfect versatile pick when it comes to designer styles.

Over-the-Knee Light

Here is another example of an elegant over-the-knee boot from Balmain. They're white, so you can feel like a super-chic fashion rebel when you wear them (since it's after Labor Day). You can wear over-the-knee boots with everything from pants to short skirts. White boots look especially good paired with white skinny jeans and a textured or fringed black top, as shown here.

The Boot That Does It All

Another great does-it-all boot is this style. It's mid-calf in height with a relatively flat heel. Designer fall shoes don't all have to be dramatic. This style from Fashion Show MUSI by Musichenko is a perfect example. Choose this type of workhorse boot in anything from glossy black leather to metallic for versatile (and comfortable) style. Your feet will thank you if you spend a lot of time standing or walking.

Don't Neglect Color

You'll see plenty of black shoes on the runway for fall and winter collections. However, that doesn't mean you should turn your back on color. These shoes from 080 Barcelona Fashion Week offer the perfect burst of color to tie in with the outfit as a whole. The black and white accents make it easier to pair shoes like these with some of the more somber ensembles of the cooler seasons.

Sandals Brighten Things Up

When the days of fall are still relatively warm, it's easier to incorporate pops of color. The reason is simple: because sandals like these from Donna Karan are still readily available. Stock up on jewel tones and your favorite shades so you can to add interest to your fall attire.

Back to Black

Though color has its place and level of excitement, never underestimate the power of black shoes or boots when it comes to streamlining an outfit and making your legs appear longer and thinner. These shoes from Balmain accomplish just that. They would also look amazing paired with a matching bag and gloves. Note how the buckle and low-cut side make sure the shoes don't get lost in the silhouette. Small details make the shoes -- and the outfit.

From dramatic knee-high styles to elegant peeakaboo designs, designer shoes for fall offer tremendous selection in terms of style, so you can find what is just right for you.

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Designer Fall Shoes for Women Gallery