Discount Exotic Dance Shoes

Leg with fishnet stocking and exotic dance shoe
A sexy shoe doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Whether you are an exotic dancer or just want to have the look of one, you should be on the lookout for discount exotic dance shoes. Your perfect shoe for fetish and frolic can be found at prices considerably lower than offered at the local exotic wear shop, if you have the time and patience to go hunting for bargains.

Sources for Discount Exotic Dance Shoes

While exotic dance usually means stripping or fetish fun, the term can sometimes be applied to Latin dancing. When you're looking for discount exotic dance shoes, be prepared to find more ballroom dance wear offered than dangerous platform heels and stilettos.

If you've worn exotic dance shoes before, you know that they are not meant to be comfortable. This is one of those rare instances where you don't need to try on a shoe first before purchasing. Go ahead and chase bargains online!

One of your first ports of call should be Discount Stripper, an online shop that sells all manner of exotic dance wear and offers shoes from a comparatively demure 3-inch heel to a death-defying 8-inch heel. Prices can be as low as 20% off the suggested retail price. Shipping is not free, but they will send you a shipping label for returns if the shoe does not suit you. They also assure customers that absolute privacy is maintained.

You don't need to shop at outlets that cater specifically to exotic dancers to get the low priced high heels you desire. Another good online shop is Super Sexy High Heels, which has a regular inventory reduction sale. Closeout and clearance shoes can be found for as much as 75% off the original price. You are limited in sizes and colors, but the great part about shopping for discount exotic dance shoes is that you can go wild on color. This is one instance in which matching the shoe to the outfit is not only unnecessary, it's sometimes undesirable. Shoes like this should stand out.

Of course, there's nothing like knowing you're getting the real deal in terms of wearing a shoe that's made for exotic dance. That's where an online shop like Booty Cocktails comes in handy. With over 800 shoes from which to choose, including light up, glow in the dark and wood, all at what they say are factory-direct prices, you will definitely find the shoe that will make your night as exciting as you intend.

Second-hand Exotic Dance Shoes

There are always risks involved in buying second-hand shoes. They can be sterilized, but shoes also mold to the wearer's feet. Even if you are the same size as the woman from whom you are buying the shoes, they may not fit you very well. However, because exotic dance shoes are not worn many hours at a time, you are taking less of a risk buying and wearing a used shoe than you would any other footwear.

If you want the shoe for a one-time costume or just to try it out, you might do well buying one off of eBay and spending less than $15 before you decide that you have to have a pair of exotic shoes for regular clubbing.

Learning More About Exotic Dance Shoes

Have questions about wearing 8-inch heels? Want to talk shoes with like-minded friends? Online opportunities to discuss shoes abound. A few good places to start are:

Climbing the dizzying heights of serious heels is not for the faint of heart and certainly not easy, but you quickly learn to keep your balance and will have a lot of fun.

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Discount Exotic Dance Shoes