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Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's shoes have been examined by her fans since she first made her appearance on The View, and it makes sense, too. She's not just stylish, but her controversial ways have brought her into the forefront like never before. As a former member of the Puma shoe design team, Hasselbeck is one celebrity that people want to watch and emulate because of her good taste in footwear. Here are some of the most popular styles that she wears.

About Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Hasselbeck, born in 1977, was previously a member of Survivor: The Australian Outback and the Miss Teen USA Pageant, both in 2001. From 2001 to 2003, the talk show co-host hosted the Style Network's The Look for Less, which helps people shop on a budget while choosing quality, style-conscious clothes.

In 2003, Hasselbeck joined The View after appearing as one of many guest hosts for the show in 2002. She's been making waves since she hit the show with her conservative viewpoint, making her one of the most talked-about hosts of The View due to her political stance and personal opinions.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Shoes


Many women look up to Hasselbeck as one of the few young conservatives with a stylish edge and a more pop-culture friendly appearance than many. Here are some of her chosen shoe styles for those who want to emulate the "Elizabeth Hasselbeck shoes" look.

  • Platform-Style Sandals: Hasselbeck has been known to wear shoes with a higher heel, even while pregnant. She's worn many a '70s style pair of shoes with statement heels, sometimes with wood accent. One the most successful colorways of her shoe of choice has been a nude leather, which elongates the leg and disguises much shoe detail from the casual glance for a clean line.
  • Slip-On Mules: Hasselbeck tossed on a pair of slip-on mules for a recent red carpet appearance, and they lent a casual air to her otherwise formal, busy ensemble choices. It seems as if Elisabeth Hasselbeck often chooses shoes to blend in and allow her clothing to take center stage, particularly when she is wearing something bright, shiny, textural, or voluminous.
  • Plain Black Pumps: This no-nonsense TV show host has been known to wear smart skirts and suits along with her maxi dresses. What's not to love about a classic pair of pumps worn with an exciting dress or separate?
  • Peep-Toe Pumps: Hasselbeck wears shoes that show off a little bit of toe, which is a good choice for the pedicure junkie as well as someone who likes to air out her feet in summer. Try a peep-toe in a variation on a classic pump color, like the black standard leather pumps or the nude-colored heel.
  • Simple Sandals: Kitten-heeled shoes have been known to be part of Hasselbeck's repertoire when she dons jeans for photoshoots and casual outings. They're not particularly high, but they allow her trousers to get a more fluid line from the hips down, and they also dress up denim very nicely.
  • Jelly Shoes: Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been seen in youthful jelly shoes when making TV appearances, and that has prompted a good deal of comfort-seekers to slip into this unusually comfy option (for her).
  • Stiletto Pumps: Even while pregnant, Hasselbeck has been seen in stilettos of around four inches. While some debate the health risks of high heels late in pregnancy, it's most likely that she removes them quickly after making her appearances on TV.
  • Wedges: This shoe style is an intelligent choice for women who want Hasselbeck's look, but don't like to teeter on impossible heels. The wedge sandals allows for height, but also help with balancing due to the more "complete" sole.
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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Shoes