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There's no reason to walk around in plain flip flops when you can find or make your own embellished flip flops for an inexpensive price.

Flip flops are a summer staple; they're abundant, they're usually cheap, they're simple to slip onto your feet and they come in an array of colors. Why settle for plain when you can find fancy flip flops or, with a little creativity and imagination, fashion your own?


Flip flops are easy to decorate. You'll find a variety of embellishments on them, including:

  • Fake flowers
  • Ribbon
  • Sequins
  • Buttons
  • Beads
  • Feathers

If you're a crafty person, it's easy to create a pair of flip flops as individual as you are. You can design one-of-a-kind footwear that may have strangers stopping you on the street and asking, "Where did you get those cool shoes?"

Don't worry if crafting isn't your thing. You can buy embellished flip flops in a number of stores and spend less than $10.00 per pair.

Make Your Own Embellished Flip Flops

If you really want to make a statement, try designing your own footwear. You can experiment, but if the end results aren't to your liking, flip flops are so inexpensive, it won't put a big dent in your wallet if you mess up a pair or two. The best flip flops to use for your own creativity are plain; fortunately, the plain ones are cheap. Buy a few pairs and sketch out what you have in mind before getting to work. Then, let your creativity fly.

Here are some simple steps to follow to embellish your own flip flops. You'll need:

  • Flip flops
  • White glue
  • Old paintbrush
  • Decorations
  1. Use the old paintbrush to spread an even layer of glue along the flip flop thongs.
  2. Apply the craft decorations of choice on the thongs. Here are a few ways to use them:
  • If you're using buttons, you can either use identical buttons or use different sized buttons as well as different colors.
  • Add feathers; again, as with buttons, you can choose to have the same color feathers or go wild with many different colors.
  • Place sequins or fake gems along the thongs.
  • Cut ribbon or lace edging so that it's the same width as the thongs. Glue them onto the thongs, being careful to keep the ribbon or lace smooth and ripple-free.
  • Affix single silk flowers in the middle of the thong or apply smaller ones all along the thongs.
  • Glue beads along the thongs.

Let the glue dry completely before wearing your new and unique flip flops.You can find crafty items at craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, AC Moore and JoAnn. There really is no limit to how many different flip flop embellishments you can come up with. When shopping at craft stores, you can usually buy a bag of items for a low price, so one bag of feathers can be used to decorate many pairs of flip flops.

Buy Them

While making your own decorated footwear is a good way to showcase your creativity, you can also buy pretty flip flops that are already embellished for you. Check out these retailers for fancy footwear:

A Variety of Embellishments

When you see the many ways flip flops can be embellished, you might have trouble not buying everything you see. Bridal flip flops have risen in popularity in recent years - whether a woman gets married in a garden setting or at the beach, flip flops with pretty add-ons keep her feet comfortable after the ceremony, or even all day long.

You'll have to care for your decorated flip flops differently than your plain ones. Some embellished footwear won't be suitable for the beach, but these fancy varieties can carry you other places like the mall, parties and dates. Whether you decorate them yourself or you buy them already embellished, these flip flops are a cut above plain footwear.

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