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Flip Flop Socks

The idea of flip flop socks is nothing new.

With flip flops so insanely popular among men and women alike, it's no wonder that flip flop socks are becoming trendy as well. On a slightly chillier day, or if you need a touch of comfort or just want to look that much more adorable, these socks are for you.

Styles of Flip Flop Socks

The idea of flip flop socks, which have a split toe so that you can wear them comfortably and not stretch out a regular pair of socks, is actually quite old. Flip flops are based on ancient Chinese footwear that was worn year-round. They wore knitted socks at all times.

The most basic sock worn with flip flops is just a plain sock with a separate big toe. However, people also like to wear the 1970s-style socks with all five toes. Very popular, especially for children (or those who feel like they still are children) are socks with elaborate toe creations, such as animals or silly objects.

The resurgence of knee socks has led to many flip flop socks being knee socks and often in bright patterns. You can even find flip flop tights without much effort. And many knitters are having fun making their own socks.

Should You Wear Them?

There are those who say the whole idea of flip flop socks is ridiculous and wrong. Since flip flops are the original beach shoe, they are meant to simply protect the bottom of your foot while trekking from the car to the sand, but they are the next best thing to being barefoot.

Of course, flip flops have become ubiquitous in many other places - you can even opt for evening wear flip flops - so that argument loses some of its strength. On the other hand, they are still a distinctly summer shoe and since most sandals are not worn with hosiery, it seems reasonable that flips flops are for bare feet as well.

That said, in Europe, it's still very common, especially for men, to wear socks with sandals. It can be considered more comfortable, especially if this is what's going to be worn all day. It should also be remembered that going bare-legged for many occasions is a relatively recent phenomenon. Women and men were meant to keep their feet covered except when at the beach or pool until around the mid-1960s. Obviously, it's now perfectly acceptable to go bare-legged most times, but the comfort aspect is key. Some people like their flip flops, but prefer to cover their feet. It's up to you. Maybe someone will laugh, but that is their problem.

Sock Shopping

Flip flop socks can be found in many places. Shoe stores, hosiery departments, novelty shops and of course online. Since socks do not have to be tried on, you can shop wherever you choose and as soon as you find a style or pattern that pleases or amuses you, you can buy with impunity.

A few good sources include:

  • Flip Flop Socks. Yes, it's a site dedicated solely to flip flop socks. You can get them for men and women.
  • Sol Socks. They sell nothing but fleece socks for men and women.
  • Uncommon Goods, which has socks in rabbit or frog motifs. They note that the socks have been discontinued, so when they are sold out, they will no longer be available.

Making Your Own Socks

It can take a class or two to learn to knit socks, but once you have the hang of it, it's a fun and easy project. So why not make your own fun flip flop socks? You can find any number of free patterns online, starting with Knitting Pattern Central and many knitting blogs talk about the variety of socks that can be made, as well as provide a forum for getting advice. You may get so good, you can make socks for all your friends, too.

Flip Flop Socks