Flip Flops with Arch Support

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Why settle for a flimsy pair of flip flops that hurt your feet when you can wear a pair of flip flops with arch support? A comfortable shoe will not only make your feet happy but will improve your posture and overall balance. Many flip flops are designed with arch supports and not only are comfortable but are also quite stylish.

Benefits of Arch Supports

Wearing a shoe that supports your arches is important since arch supports can prevent and relieve foot pain while providing comfort. An arch support in a shoe such as a flip flop, which normally offers zero support, can make a big difference. Since arch supports make it possible to distribute your weight more evenly, you will have better posture and more balance in a flip flop having a supportive arch. It can also cushion your foot and reduce leg fatigue. Arch supports not only support your foot but also your ankles, making you less prone to falls or twisted ankles.

Styles of Flip Flops with Arch Support

Many flip flops are cute and fashionable but offer little to no support. Wearing these types of shoes will cause foot and back pain over an extended period of time. Thankfully, many designers recognize this and are creating flip flops that look stylish and offer support and comfort. The popularity of flip flops with arch support increased with the introduction of Fit Flops. Adored by celebrities such as Oprah, Fit Flops claim to make you feel like you're walking barefoot while helping you strengthen and tone your muscles and burn calories. They also claim to offer several other benefits including:

  • Toning legs and buttocks
  • Improve core muscle strength
  • Arch support
  • Stability
  • Style
  • Comfort

Some other brands that have arch supports include:

  • Reef's Stash Blue flip flops feature a molded ethyl vinyl acetate midsole with an anatomically correct arch support.
  • Deckers Flip Flops are designed for comfort, style and feature arch supports. Check out their Contour Sea Dog flip flop that conforms to your foot and has a lifetime guarantee.
  • Teva Toolani Sandal Flip Flops have enhanced arch support and are smooth and lightweight.
  • Frye Dani Woven flip flop is stylish and has a cushioned insole with an arch support.
  • Works Juicy thongs from Skechers Cali will not only be fun in the sun, but will offer your comfort and support with their egg crate textured cushioning footbed and flexible foam rubber midsole.
  • Adidas Yorrithong 2 features a soft fabric lining and textured massage cushioning footbed with supportive arch. The Koolvana flip flop supports your arches with faux leather lining and FitFoam cushion-padded footbed, and a flexible visco-elastic rebound foam contouring midsole.

Where to Find

If your local shoe store doesn't offer supportive flip flops, check out online sites such as:

Don't sacrifice comfort for style. Wear a pair of flip flops that offer good arch support and stay stylish while being comfortable.

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