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Flip Flops with Grapes and Fruit

Purple flip flops with grapes and cute bugs

Some may say you're going bananas, but you might have your eye on a pair of flip flops with grapes and fruit anyway. Well, let's be clear - perhaps you aren't quite crazy about the idea of sporting a veritable fruit salad on your feet, but you can easily find adorable flip flops bearing various fruits. There's nothing more summery, fresh or cute!

Surprise Yourself

The idea of sporting a pair of flip flops adorned with big bunches of grapes or some other type of fruit may not seem that appealing at first. In fact, it may seem downright tacky to some! However, don't dismiss this playful shoe style so fast. They have some merit, especially during the summertime (when the living is easy, remember?). Now is the time to take a little risk with your footwear!

Once you've convinced yourself to give it a shot, prepare to be amazed at the legitimately enormous selection of flip flops with grapes and fruit. There's something to cater to every taste (no pun intended). Maybe you prefer red grapes to green. Perhaps you're more of a watermelon fan. There are even styles for the kids!

Shopping for Flip Flops with Grapes and Fruit

You may already have spotted these types of shoes while on vacation. Boardwalk souvenir shops in particular are rife with novelty shoes and other accessories, and even drugstores may carry them. If you have no luck finding them in stores, you'll find plenty online.

  • Understated, these grape flip flops from Cafe Press feature a picture of winery grapes. The flip flops are black, and enthusiasts of vintage or vineyards will love this look.
  • Detailed is certainly one way to describe these vibrant flip flops from Havaiana's. Simple fruits and flowers adorn the sandal for a fun and flirty look. Sandals come in three base colors: white, lake green and yellow.

  • Grapes and nothin' but the grapes: That's what you'll get with these sandals from After 5. Your choice of black or white flip flops are adorned with fresh, almost edible-looking grapes in your choice of green or red.

What to Wear Them With

You can't possibly be expected to wear these crazy shoes with anything but shorts and tanks at the beach, right? Wrong! Fruit-adorned flip flops (and embellished flip flops of any kind) are the perfect complement to a relaxed summer outfit. Try grape sandals with a lightweight cotton or linen skirt, a softly draped tank top and a slim metallic belt to bring it all together. The bold shoes will fit in unexpectedly well.Of course, you can't go wrong with shorts and t-shirts or tank tops, either. Pair your favorite fruity flip flops with capris and a fitted top or shorts and a tank. They make a great alternative to basic flip flops and athletic shoes, and they instantly add a sassy twist to your ensemble.

Flip Flops with Grapes and Fruit