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High Heel Sneakers

It's amazing what a pair of high heel tennis shoes can do to transform a look from sporty to sassy. This unusual style had its heyday back in the late 1990s, when platform styles made a huge comeback and every type of shoe imaginable was treated to an exaggerated heel. Today, they might be less common, but they're still every bit as fun as they once were.

The Playful High Heel Athletic Shoe

High heel athletic shoes aren't exactly regular daywear for most women. These shoes are notoriously playful and usually quite colorful and rambunctious. Forget about wearing them to the office or out onto the playing field; they're more appropriate for a casual day spent running errands.

Today, the shoe has adapted to current trends and can often be seen with a regular stiletto-type heel instead of the popular platform of days past. This spells good news for women who'd rather not look like they're Spice Girls.


They might look the part of an athletic shoe (at least to a certain extent), but these shoes aren't made for anything but expressing your style and personality with flair. You'll see why as soon as you lay eyes on a pair of high heel tennis shoes.

  • More like boots than shoes: Most styles tend to resemble boots, making them ever so slightly more forgivable for those who can't bear the thought of wearing a high heel athletic shoe. The boot gives the shoe a more contemporary, versatile feel, although the overall vibe of the shoe is unabashedly sporty and sassy.
  • Athletic-shoe inspired details: Similar in some ways to a traditional tennis shoe, the high heel version usually features laces, a white toe kick, a pointy heel and a colorful upper (imagine a pair of Converse sneakers with heels and you'll come pretty close).
  • Alternative feminine styles: Other styles may stick to a thicker heel similar to a platform, and still others may not have laces at all. Instead, they might include a Mary Jane strap. These straps aren't uncommon on some styles of contemporary athletic shoes, and they certainly go a long way in giving the shoe a stylish, feminine look.
  • Stiletto or wedge heels: While many of these shoes feature a sexy, thin heel or stiletto heel, others have a thick wedge heel. The wedge heel can offer a unique sporty look, or in some styles, offers more of a boho-chic feel.

Heeled Tennis Shoe Brands

A trip to your local chain shoe store or even a major department store probably won't yield the best results, but a cruise around the various online shoe boutiques is sure to give you lots of options. Many stores carry heeled tennis shoes; some are appropriate for daily wear while others are more worthy of a naughty Halloween costume. Here are some choices to set you off on the right high-heeled foot.


Bet you never thought you'd hear the words "glamorous" and "tennis shoes" in the same sentence. Designer Patrick Ithier, though, knows better: His Ash line of footwear is an interesting breed of complex street style and elegant, runway-worthy pieces with a twist. Check the current and past collections at Ash Footwear for high heeled sneaker designs in denim, with pretty prints, and with thin or chunky heels. These shoes are a powerful way to make a playful statement.


Browse the DKNY women's shoe line for sleek yet funky wedge-heeled sneakers in several styles. Dark colors and leather styling make these shoes look a bit more sophisticated, yet still fun.

Volatile Footwear

Volatile Footwear offers hip, urban, athletic-inspired wedge heels in a range of styles. Heels range from medium-thick soles to higher chunky wedges. The shoes carry a sporty 'V' brand logo on the side, and styles have details like rhinestone-embellished logos, contrasting laces, or striped soles.

More Shopping Tips

You can find a variety of sneaker pumps online, but you may have to get creative to find just the pair you want. Consider the following:

  • Costume shops: Since these are an unusal type of shoe, you may also find them at costume shops. This black and white heeled sneaker at OD Girl, for example, is sold to coordinate with a sexy referee costume.
  • Lingerie and clubwear stores: Lingerie and clubwear stores may also sell this type of shoe since it is considered sexy, especially those styles with stiletto heels. Spicy Lingerie is one shop that offers athletic-inspired and lace-up high heels. Watch the heel height when shopping at these lingerie shops; some heels can be very extreme.
  • Goth and punk retail outlets: Known for their unique shoe selections, goth and punk apparel stores may carry these shoes.
  • Ebay: Past styles of these shoes are available on eBay, including both wedge and stiletto heel styles.
  • You can also visit trendy, youthful brands, such as Steve Madden and Naughty Monkey, for similar types of shoes.

Funky, Sexy, and Fun

If you're shopping for heeled sneakers, you've got a lot of options. Although stiletto or wedge sneakers are not your mainstream shoe, they can be a fun, funky, and even sexy alternative. Whether you wear this hybrid shoe to add flair to a casual outfit or as part of a costume, there's no denying they are unique. Wear them with confidence and have fun in with this unusual style of footwear.

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