How to Wear Thigh High Boots

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Trendy and coveted they may be, but understanding how to wear thigh-high boots is absolutely essential if you want to splurge on a quality pair. It's not always enough to simply examine a couple of pictures and assume you'll be able to pull off something your favorite celebrity is sporting. At the same time, just because it's not a look seen in the "real world" every day doesn't mean it's not possible to pull off either!

About Thigh High Boots

Thigh-high boots are often referred to as over-the-knee boots. They are not to be confused with boots that simply graze the knee or even go just an inch or so above the knee. Thigh-high boots literally do hit right at the middle of the thighs. They are generally considered an especially provocative type of shoe, perhaps because most people envision Julia Roberts on the famous Pretty Woman film poster. Clearly, that is not a look the majority of women want to emulate in their everyday lives, nor is it one that is particularly fashionable, either!

The good news is that there are flattering ways to wear those boots and make them look practical and fashion forward on a regular basis. Sure, you may not be able to show them off at the office, but on weekends and especially for late nights out with friends at the club or at a party, they can prove the perfect finishing touch to an especially hot ensemble.

How to Wear Thigh-High Boots

If you've made the decision to go the risqué route and at least give those thigh-high boots a try, then you'll probably need a bit of an initiation into how to wear them, too. It's quite obvious that there are some looks you'll simply want to avoid - namely the aforementioned Julia Roberts method mentioned earlier - but there are some ways to make these sexy boots work in the "real world," too!

The key to understanding how to wear thigh-high boots, first, is to select boots that are sophisticated and generally simple, as opposed to garish, over-the-top styles that generally don't work so well on a regular basis. This is actually good news, because the majority of thigh-high boots are available in classic, versatile shades like black, brown, camel and other neutrals.

Next, ensure that you're wearing them with the right clothes. This is fairly essential if you really want to pull these boots off with success. The goal is to establish a silhouette that is long and polished, so that you exude a flawless look from head to toe. To that end, it's simple to choose the clothes based on the boot color and, of course, on its height:

  • If you choose to wear pants, opt for leggings that match the color of the boots or a pair of dark wash skinny jeans. The similar color helps create that lean silhouette perfectly.
  • On top, choose a top that falls to mid-thigh - no higher. Tunics are especially great for wearing with thigh-high boots.
  • Dresses are fair game, too, but they should also fall to mid-thigh. If you choose to wear a shorter dress or skirt, make sure that it falls at least an inch or two above the boot.
  • Don't forget the tights! If you prefer not to wear leggings with a dress, a pair of opaque tights is an excellent alternative that adds polish to the entire look.
  • To further the classic element of the look, opt for boots with a low or flat heel. High-heeled thigh-high boots generally boast rather impressive heels in the three- to four-inch range, so going the flatter route can, at the very least, make walking around much easier!

Where to Shop

Since 2009 was essentially the year of the over-the-knee boot, you can expect to find plenty of these in stores and online. Stuart Weitzman's selection is impressive, and Miss Sixty designs a pair that can be folded down at the knee to change your entire look. Bear in mind that many pairs are on the costly side, so if you aren't entirely sure you'll love them, purchase them from a retailer with a no-fuss return policy.

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How to Wear Thigh High Boots