Looking Great in Stockings and High Heels

animal print heels and black nylons

Whether it's for office wear or date wear, women may wonder how to go about looking great in stockings and high heels.

Nylons and heels go together for a stylish, put together look for work or can look very sexy for nighttime outings. What's so great about stockings and high heels is that it's very easy to look fabulous by wearing the two: it's simply a matter of slipping into some great nylons and your favorite shoes.

Tips for Looking Great in Stockings and High Heels

  • Make sure your legs are clean-shaven. Even if you're wearing dark pantyhose, your legs will be smoother if they're hairless.
  • Shoes should always be darker than stockings. One look that doesn't work well is light colored shoes paired with dark hose. If you're wearing black stockings, your shoes should be black or have black in them. If your shoes are red or white, nude hose work best.
  • Don't wear skirts that are too short. Depending on the height of your heels, a skirt that's too short can be more suggestive than you'd like. While stilettos with mini skirts are sexy, think about where you are and who you're with when wearing an outfit like this.
  • Stockings don't go with sandals. There are some beautifully stylish high-heeled sandals for sale, but sandals pair best with bare feet. Pantyhose are generally not a very casual dress option, while sandals usually are.
  • Patterned hose are for plain outfits. If you're wearing a dress with bold print all over it, your stockings should be pattern-free. While textured stockings will lend a unique vibe to your ensemble, they should only be worn when your clothing is simple. A plain black dress with fishnet hose can look trendy, so long as the stockings are the focus of the outfit. Your dress shouldn't compete with your legs.
  • Either fix repairs as they happen or toss snagged stockings. Nylons are delicate items. If you have to wear them every day, it's wise to keep a bottle of clear nail polish handy in case you get a snag while away from home. Once a rip occurs, stockings should be thrown away.
  • Wear tummy control pantyhose if needed. If you think you need a little help in the flatter stomach department, there are numerous styles of control panel stockings available.

Reasons to Wear Stockings

Although some women don't care for nylons, there are many women who keep the stocking industry afloat with their regular purchases. Reasons women wear stockings to work and to play include:

  • A touch of color. Unless you're fortunate enough to sport a year-round tan, your legs can sometimes look a little pale. Without having to resort to dangerous tanning, slipping on a pair of pantyhose gives your legs instant color.
  • Professionalism: Bare legs paired with beautiful shoes can look somewhat out of place. To put forth a corporate image, stockings lend a touch of professionalism to your overall look.
  • Dress code requirements: Some companies make it mandatory for female employees to wear stockings. Conservative industries will typically have this stipulation over businesses that are more casual.

Occupations that Require Stockings and High Heels

flesh colored stockings and black heels

Depending on your job's dress code, you might be required to wear pantyhose and heeled dress shoes to work. Even within the same occupation, however, there may be room for allowances, depending on the environment. Some jobs where you'll often see women looking great in stockings and high heels include:

  • Models
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Businesswomen

Even if your job falls outside of these professions, you may still enjoy presenting a polished image in pantyhose and fashionable heels.

Best Looks for Pantyhose and Heels

If you wear slacks with your stockings and high heels, you won't have to worry about how your legs look. For the full fabulous effect of heels and stockings, skirts and dresses work best. Whether your skirt is an A-line, pencil shape or soft and billowy, stockings work well by adding a decidedly feminine touch. Pantyhose are an inexpensive wardrobe addition that can do so much for your overall image. Pair them with a gorgeous pair of heels and you're all set to face the day and get your beautiful legs noticed.

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Looking Great in Stockings and High Heels