Low Cut High Heels

low cut high heels

For women who love high heels, you may find yourself turning to low cut high heels if you want the ultimate in a sexy shoe. Often referred to as "low vamp" or "low cut vamp" shoes, these high heels expose just a peek of your toes. This is a flattering look depending on whether or not you don't mind the extra exposure making your feet look longer. For women with small feet, this can be a desired look, while women who are self-conscious about their long feet may want to avoid it.

Low Vamp High Heels

It can be hard to tell whether or not a high heel shoe will actually be low cut or low vamp on your foot. Often, the only way to see how much of your toes will be exposed is to try the shoes on. Some online retailers advertise their low cut high heels as low vamp so you may feel confident buying from them. If your toes are naturally long, you might not even have to hunt for low vamp shoes - your toes may peek out with little extra effort on your part.

While low cut heels come in a variety of heights, stilettos remain a popular choice. Whether in the form of high heel pumps, lower heel pumps, strappy sandals or wedges, if you like the look of low vamp shoes, you have options when buying.

Size Matters and Other Considerations

Everyone isn't a fan of low vamp heels, however. A woman's foot can appear longer or shorter depending on the shoes she wears. The more flesh that's exposed, the longer your foot will look. For a woman who wears a large size shoe, she might not want her feet to appear longer. If your feet are on the smaller end, this may not bother you.

Another point to consider is how your toes look at the low vamp point. Do they look crowded together or scrunched uncomfortably? Some people may not find this "toe cleavage" attractive, while others consider it the ultimate in sexy footwear.

Buying Low Cut High Heels

You can shop at your local department store or shoe boutique for a selection of shoes with low vamp heels, or you can peruse these online sites:

Buying Low Vamp Shoes Today

Shoe styles, like any aspect of fashion, come in and out of vogue. Just as popular heel heights change, so do shoe fashions. One season, wedges may be all the rage, while next season, it might be all about the Sabrina heel. It may be easier to find that low vamp shoe you're looking for when they're considered to be "in style." Still, if this is your favorite type of shoe, you can wear it anytime you like.

When shopping for low vamp shoes, consider these points:

  • Choose shoes that only expose a little of your toes if you're not sure how you feel about this style. If you love it, you can always buy shoes cut even lower on the vamp in the future.
  • The higher the heel, the more pressure is placed on your toes. Low vamp flats don't place the same amount of pressure on your feet.
  • Don't wear pantyhose if you want your toe cleavage on full display.
  • Buy shoes that allow your toes some wiggle room. If your toes are too tightly packed together, you run the risk of developing painful conditions, such as bunions, which will make it difficult to wear pointy toed shoes.

A Sassy Shoe

Whether this is a new style for you or you've been a low cut heel fan for years, you have a great selection of footwear to choose from. If showing off your pretty toes is part of the fun in wearing shoes, low vamp heels will provide the sexiness and sass you desire. .

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Low Cut High Heels