Men's Winter Boots

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They aren't pretty, but they are protective!

For as long as winter exists, men will need boots, which is why men's winter boots are still on the holiday shopping lists of nearly every housewife in America. With so many designers and styles to choose from, all boasting the same qualities such as support, warmth, and durability, it is often difficult to discern practical purchases from boot propaganda.

Where Are You Going?

Or, more importantly, "Where are you located?" The type of winter experienced by south-western Americans is noticeably different from that in the East Coast. Whereas those living in Seattle or Oregon may require impermeable rain boots for the winter, Bostonians will be battling harsh blizzards and knee deep snow.

Many people purchase winter boots for holiday traveling or ski resorts. Hence, the question of "where you are going?" for the upcoming winter will be the deciding factor in men's winter boots shopping experience.

Boots for the Cold and Snow

Several big names hold their own when it comes to winter footwear.

The Ugg Factor

One of the reigning names in men's winter boots are the Ugg boots. These Australian-made boots are crafted with sheepskin suede and feature a thick insulating lining which keeps the foot warm in temperatures below -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Although many people find the almost "moon boot" shape of Uggs to be unattractive, the ability of these boots to keep feet toasty during even the harshest winters is unsurpassed.

However, Ugg styles are not the ideal for wetter and muddier climates. The sheepskin exterior needs to be treated with a special Ugg waterproofing spray in order to increase the protection factor.

Trudging Around With Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat is a reliable designer when it comes to the type of footwear you will need to make it through a snowy winter. Featuring relatively affordable prices, Arctic Cat manufactures several models that are capable of withstanding even the most extreme winter conditions such as blizzards and heavy snows. These boots provide tall 14 inch models with waterproof outsoles, sturdy D-ring lacing, water-resistant uppers, and removable felt liners that insulate the feet. Most importantly, the soles of these shoes are specifically made to provide traction on icy and slippery surfaces.

Browning's Boots

If you're just dealing with wet and cold environments such as those found in the Northwestern United States territories, then Browning's boots are an excellent choice of men's winter gear. The upland model is specifically designed to protect the feet from wet and freezing elements. These boots are completely waterproof, being protected by a Duratech membrane and 400g patented Thinsulate interior. Generally worn by hunters, the boots also provide a padded collar and tongue, a removable odor-controlling footbed, and an oil-resistant sole that is molded for traction.

Timberland's Best

Timberland is definitely one of the biggest names in men's winter boots. Worn and trusted by many, these boots are the number one choice of rugged outdoor men. These boots typically feature a soft toe and traction soles, and much like the Browning Upland model, the presence of a 400g Thinsulate interior ensures the warmth of your feet. Even more interesting is the addition of "electrical hazard protection". It's difficult to imagine exactly why your feet would be in more danger of electric shock than your hands or head, but Timberland has truly thought of it all. And yes, these boots are adequately lined and padded for a soft snug and comfortable fit. You can hunt, hike, and romp around in the wilderness while your feet remain protected from cold breezes and disease-ridden ticks.

Where to Purchase

Sporting good stores and major department stores are your best bet in locating men's winter boots. Keep in mind that when it comes to quality winter boots it is best to research brands.

Budgeting is always important, but when protecting your feet is paramount, winter boots are not an item to skimp on. Many Ugg and Timberland knockoffs do not provide the warmth, waterproofing and protective factors that are provided by the authentic designer models.

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Men's Winter Boots