Mens Kneehigh Moccasins

Men's Minnetonka Side Laced Moc
Men's Minnetonka Side Laced Moc

A pair of men's kneehigh moccasins may seem a bit unusual, but they do exist! In fact, they enjoy quite a following, especially during the coldest months of the year.

Knee-High Boots

Women are particularly fond of knee-high boots. Temperatures may drop, but those who aren't quite ready to hang up summer's stylish skirts and dresses may turn to knee-high boots to keep their legs covered and cozy. It's a sensible and stylish solution for many individuals.

Men, on the other hand, don't exactly have this problem - they simply make the easy transition from shorts to pants. However, there's no question that, just like the ladies, men don't mind a little extra warmth from their footwear. Knee-high boots provide the kind of comfort not found in any other type of shoe. It can be challenging, though, to find a men's boot that is high enough to really cover the leg. The truth is that there just aren't as many knee-high styles for the guys as there are for women.

The exception is the moccasin boot. This incredibly supple shoe is available in styles for men and women, and is sold in a variety of colors and styles. In addition to being some of the softest shoe styles available, they also boast several other qualities that truly make them stand out from the pack.

About Men's Kneehigh Moccasins

There's nothing quite like the coziness of a pair of toasty slippers. Stepping into a pair of knee-high moccasins is something akin to that comforting sensation. Though they're regularly worn in colder climates, these shoes enjoy great popularity in many parts of the world during the fall and winter. Luxuriously soft, their qualities genuinely stand out:

  • Strong, supple materials are used to craft each pair by hand. Deerskin leather is the material of choice; it is touted as one of the top three strongest leathers in the world. It's extra special because it contours to the shape of the foot, molding easily with each step. The material is layered twice on most styles of knee-high moccasin, lending the shoe extra thickness.
  • A cushioned leather insole makes it as comfortable inside as it looks outside! This makes it an especially apt choice for winter wear.
  • The sole, too, is thick. Quality moccasin boots utilize sturdy leather (such as sturdy cowhide) to ensure that the shoes will withstand wear and tear.
  • Despite their suppleness, these boots are tough. Constructed with a thick, extra layer of cowhide suede, the boot is sturdy and durable enough to withstand a variety of challenging conditions.

Colors and Styles

You probably won't find knee-high moccasins in a wide selection of fashion-forward colors, but you'll definitely have your pick of neutral shades to choose from. For men, this is highly practical and will fit in nicely with just about any wardrobe. In addition, their appearance is smart and simple - a winning combination that all but guarantees they will stand the test of time.

  • Full lace closures extend from the tongue up to the calf.
  • Standard plain styles are simple and no-frills: They boast nothing but several feet of smooth leather and plenty of strong lace or buttons.
  • Decorated styles feature several inches of fringe circling the opening. Some designers create specialty knee-high moccasins made of various materials and printed with unusual patterns.

Renaissance Fairs and Reenactments

Costumes are a necessary part of any accurate reenactment of a particular historical period or event. Everyone from individuals in military units to Native Americans wore them, and their relevance in presenting a believable portrayal of living history is surprisingly important. Many specialty retailers design knee-high moccasins specifically for this purpose.

Where to Purchase

You'll find men's kneehigh moccasins at a variety of online shoe retailers, including the following:

  • A low-key collection of comfortable moccasins dominates the knee-high collection at Specializing in all types of moccasins, the retailer offers five varieties of knee-highs in a variety of colors and styles, including some with laces on the front and others with laces on the sides.
  • The Moccasin Shop: The Moccasin Shop offers a few varieties of knee-high styles, again in very simple designs.
  • Turtle Island Moccasins: Find a vast selection of moccasins at this site, which specializes in custom-fitted shoes, boots and moccasins. The company prefers to do its fittings in person. These usually take place at renaissance fairs throughout the year. Check the posted schedule for details.
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