Mens Renaissance Boots

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Boots add authenticity to a Renaissance Faire costume.

Medieval clothing and accessories enjoy special importance today, and men's renaissance boots are no exception. Worn for everything from renaissance fairs to themed weddings, these shoes lend any outfit authenticity.

Historical Footwear

Historical attire consists of more than just clothing. Often, it's the accessories that really make the outfit look authentic. Shoes play a major role in the appearance of period costumes, transforming the look into the most believable style possible.

Individuals dress up in historical attire for various reasons. Whether they're participating in a fair, engaging in a reenactment, attending a costume party or taking part in a themed wedding, they go the whole nine yards in creating a costume that is as genuine as possible. Since shoes do play such a strong role in completing the outfit, many specialty retailers focus on period footwear.

Elements of Men's Renaissance Boots

A true renaissance man - in the historically accurate sense, that is - cannot be without a pair of shoes that accurately depicts the era. The early renaissance boots were simple and highly functional, worn primarily for walking, riding and hunting. Their main goal was to protect the wearer's feet from stones and other types of sharp objects. They also served to protect the wearer from harsh elements and keep the feet warm and dry. As such, early footwear was handmade and constructed of basic suede leather. The shoe was sturdy and reliable, with little embellishment or detail.

Interestingly, the shoes did not even have padding or support. It's true that they protected the feet, but this was accomplished mainly by keeping them covered up. The construction of the shoe did not include the materials typically found in modern footwear. Despite this, men were able to add their own details to the shoe to make them more protective. For example, the lining of the boots would often be made with moss and wool, which were added by the wearer himself.

Wearing Renaissance Boots

Shopping for renaissance footwear can be quite an undertaking if you're completely new to the world of historical costumes. The most important aspect of any pair of shoes is its construction - the materials and mechanics that go into creating the shoe. Simply put, if it's not sturdy, it's not worth the money. Many historical shoes can cost a pretty penny, so it's worth your while to research the shoes thoroughly, try as many pairs on as you can and finally invest in the pair that feels most comfortable on your feet.

Also bear in mind that where you purchase your shoes is quite important. If you're simply dressing up as a renaissance man for Halloween, a pair of boots from a costume store may well do the trick. However, if you're shopping for a series of reenactment events or even attending a wedding with a medieval theme, you may want to go the extra mile and search specialty retailers who design historical footwear exclusively.

Renaissance footwear experts advise that it's helpful to actually buy boots that are a touch smaller than your actual size. This is because the boots tend to stretch over time, leaving a little extra room. As such, it's important to wear socks with them.

Buying Renaissance Boots

If you're searching for authentic men's renaissance boots that look just like the originals, you'll find plenty online. Some of the finest choices available include:

  • Renaissance Costumes Clothing: These cloth suede boots are short and perfect for completing any costume. Extremely simple, the design mirrors the styles favored in history, with a small flap over the ankle and an adjustable tie to ensure a proper fit.
  • Medieval Collectibles: Of course, they don't have to be short. Medieval Collectibles offers a wide selection of high and low boots, with fringe and without, to provide you with a greater selection of the simple shoe.

Though it's convenient to shop online, it can be difficult determining your exact fit, especially for handmade shoes like these. Be sure to find out the store's return policy prior to purchasing your footwear. If you prefer to try your shoes on, medieval style boots can also be purchased at vendor booths located at Renaissance Faires and reenactment events.

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Mens Renaissance Boots