Metallic High Tops

Metallic sneakers are varied and plentiful.

Metallic high tops are a fusion of high-low fashion, as well as dressy and casual styles. Perhaps you used to get foot sores and bunions from wearing high heels all the time - maybe these metallic high tops can take the place of some more uncomfortable stilettos on casual date nights out? For the fashion daring, the stylish woman with class and panache, and the young trendsetter, metallic high tops can quickly push out the black pumps in favor of something much more fun. From sparkly finishes to embellishments, you can choose from a variety of metallic high tops to suit your particular taste.

How Can I Style High Tops?

High tops, especially ones with metallic accents, are a challenge for even the most fashionable of us. They are quite flashy and bright, so you've got to balance out the flash factor with the right basics. Here are some great styling ideas to keep your shoes center stage and look very fashionable.

  • Black Pants: Black pants will set off the shiny finish of your metallic shoes, which can be perfect when they are new. Look for slim-fit pants that can be tucked into your high tops, which will let more of your high top look fantastic on display.
  • Shiny Accessories: Complement shiny shoes with a pair of bright earrings in silver or gold, but keep the rest of your outfit low-key.
  • Plain T-Shirt Dresses: If you crave something more feminine, wear a t-shirt dress with tights in any shade or color combination that you like.
  • Leather Jacket: Get street with your high tops and a retro-inspired leather jacket.

Buy Metallic High Tops

Buying metallic high tops is incredibly fun-there's so much from which to choose that you could be shopping a while! If you have a color in mind, try sticking to that when you browse, because your selection will be that much easier to make. Remember that if you do find your dream shoes, you need to take a second look-sometimes the fit or style underneath won't be the most flattering or comfortable for your requirements.

  • Go to Urban Outfitters for high tops with a lot of sparkle factor. UO carries gold and silver high tops with a "puffy" effect that are winners every time. Classic Nike high tops round out the look and appeal to the shoe collector in all of us, but there are more unusual designers represented here as well.
  • Shop at Yoox for more one-off sneaker finds from top-level designers. These shoes are more likely to have metallic accents rather than all-over paint, making them perfect for going-out selections for daring dressers who don't mind the all-black look.
  • Dress up with the help of Ssense, which sells striking white high tops with metallic accents to tempt you into dressing up your feet more than you would normally. They can carry Nike footwear, for example, with a golden metallic swoosh, and similar athletic styles with metallic touches. This is a must-stop for the high top newbie!
  • Swing by Famous Footwear for some unusual metallic shoe styles, including ones that combine bright colors and metallic for an unforgettable effect. While these ones might not match with everything in your closet, they're a conversation piece with all your jeans, leggings, plain skirts, shorts, and black dresses. Popular brands, as the name suggests, are what you will find at this online stop.
  • Go to Adidas for some extremely sporty metallic footwear in a daring design and look. It's not impossible to find something more refined, but you'll be happiest if you're looking for something with street-style appeal for the fashionable dresser.
  • Check out Skechers for athletic shoes that are metallic, but can actually be worn in athletic environments. If you buy a pair of the athletic ones along with a sleek, fashionable pair, you can wear metallic sneakers all the time, even to the gym.
Metallic High Tops