Moccasin Patterns

Moccasin boot

The moccasin is a well-known traditional shoe type derived from Native American tradition, and today there are hundreds of moccasin patterns to choose from. Whether you need a functional boot or a comfortable shoe or slipper, there's a style to meet your needs.

Patterns and Designs on Moccasins

Beaded baby moccasin

There are many different moccasin patterns and designs in contemporary footwear. The shoes and slippers come in many different colors, may come lined or unlined, and have various designs and embellishments. Loafer-type and some boot moccasins may have laces, fringe, or other features. Patterns, designs, and other features you may see on various moccasins include:

  • Interwoven ribbon or lacings
  • Woven fabric patterns
  • Attractive leather whip stitching
  • Woven leather designs
  • Side or frontal ties
  • Turquoise accents
  • Buckles
  • Moc boots with real or faux fur accents
  • Coins or medallions
  • Native-American inspired beaded accents, such as:
    • Logos
    • Circular patterns
    • Sewn bead designs on the edge of the moccasin
    • Hanging designs
    • Animal designs
    • Woven fabric designs around the ankle or top of shoe

Custom moccasins are also available using rare leathers, unusual trims, and unique designs. Prices vary, ranging from under thirty dollars for casual mocs or moccasin slippers to hundreds or even thousands of dollars for custom boots. You can purchase moccasins at many retailers, including, Moccasin Sales, and Arrow Moc.

Make Your Own Moccasin Patterns

Many people are interested in making their own moccasins for a variety of reasons. The tradition of handmade moccasins is a beautiful and unique one, and there are many resources available to help those who wish to make their own moccasins, even for beginners. You can purchase moccasin patterns at specialty retailers, along with the leather and many of the supplies necessary.

Where to Buy Moccasin Boot and Shoe Patterns

The following places offer various moccasin shoe, boot, and slipper patterns:

  • Traditional Tanners: Offers an assortment of patterns, including Plains Style Moccasins, Comanche pattern, Yaqui pattern, Shawnee pattern, Keltoi pattern, Zuni pattern, and children's patterns.
  • Crazy Crow offers a child's and a Plains High-Top pattern.
  • Moccasins 101: A step-by-step, illustrated tutorial on making high-top moccasins is available here.
  • Eagle Feather Trading Post: Offers two patterns for moccasins available in assorted sizes for children through adults.

Moccasin Lesson Patterns

Teachers or parents teaching their child Native-American or state histories may wish to include a moccasin lesson plan as a hands-on learning activity for children. The Nebraska History site offers a simple moccasin pattern lesson plan using inexpensive materials for this purpose.

More About Moccasins

The word moccasin is an Algonquian word that stands for s sturdy, slipper type shoe made from tanned leather. This was traditional footwear for Native Americans, and there were many different designs, allowing people to recognize tribal affiliations simply by glancing at the footwear another person wore. Rawhide was used in some of these shoes to create a sturdier sole, and some were lined with rabbit fur or sheepskin.

Contemporary moccasins are available in many types and many materials, including suede, deerskin, and various leathers, as well as synthetic versions. Moccasin slippers are very popular and come in flat, ankle, and many other designs. Other types of moccasin footwear include:

  • Soft-soled moccasins
  • Hard-soled moccasins
  • Rubber-soled moccasins
  • Ankle boots
  • Knee-high boots
  • Calf boots
  • Bootees
  • Driving shoes
  • Loafers
  • Dress-casual styles
  • Moccasin-style sandals or thong

Express Your Creative Side

Creating moccasins is a beautiful traditional art form. Today people can enjoy various designs of ready-made moccasins, or choose to bring this traditional craft alive by creating their own with specific moccasin patterns.

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