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Monster Feet Slippers

Crystal Schwanke
monster slippers

Who doesn't love monster feet slippers? They're whimsical and fun, and they keep your feet warm in the winter. It doesn't matter if you're an adult or you're shopping for slippers for a child; these fun feet are available for both genders and all ages.

About Monster Feet Slippers

Monster feet, and the slippers inspired by them, tend to be big. They tend to be colorful (though quite often they're black with huge white claws). And they also tend to be oh-so-entertaining to wear. Whether you're a man, a woman, or still a child, you can get into the silliness that comes with slipping on a pair of funny shoes and wearing them around the house. Warning: You may frighten-or at least intrigue--your dog.

Monster slippers tend to be relatively inexpensive, ranging from about $15 to about $25. You can get the cozy critter feet for anyone, no matter their gender or age, though it's often a little easier to find them in children's sizes. Prices are generally in the aforementioned range regardless of size.

This type of novelty slipper tends to be cozier than the backless slip-on styles that are popular, and perhaps even more so than many of the moccasin styles you see in men's selections. Monster slippers tend to wrap around the whole foot, not leaving much bare to the cold. In addition, the amount of material involved means there's more between the freezing temperatures and your skin. A foot is also more likely to stay securely inside of a shoe like a monster slipper than a traditional backless one. That's important for running children.

In a pinch, you can use monster slippers as the finishing touch to your Halloween costume. Pajama day at school? Monster slippers are a lot more entertaining than flip-flops, sneakers, or any other type of slipper. If safety is a concern, they'll offer a little more protection than flip-flops. Of course, there is the additional warmth they offer as well.

Find Your Slippers

Monster feet slippers are so classic, they're easy to find. If you haven't seen them in your local shoe store or department store, you will most likely still be able to score a new set of fun feet for a reasonable price online. Check out:

  • eBay: The selection and prices will vary, but eBay often has monster slippers available. You may be able to purchase them at a set price or you could make a bid.
  • Chasing Fireflies also has a pair of non-slip green monster slippers for children from age 2 to 4. The price is $20.
  • Only Slippers: Here, you can get furry black monster slippers in sizes for men (sizes 6.5 to 12) and women (sizes 5 to 12). The interior is lined and the soles are non-slip.
  • can tell you how to make your own if you're the crafty type. You can make them from a pair of regular socks. Some sewing is required, but you are free to use a sewing machine or hand-sew your slippers. For additional fun, learn how to make monster hands while you're there.

A Final Word

Monster feet slippers are one way to cheer yourself up when you're not happy to be awake so early in the morning. And who doesn't like warm feet? They're a thicker, usually slip-resistant alternative to fuzzy socks, and it's hard not to smile about that.

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Monster Feet Slippers