Neon Colored High Heels

Neon High Heels

While neon colored high heels may not be as ubiquitous as they were during the 1980s, women seeking unique shoes may want to own at least one pair for those days and nights they want their feet to be noticed.

Neon in the 80s

Neon was huge during this decade. Everything from shirts to socks to shoes was likely to sport neon in one shade or another. Brightly colored pumps, especially worn with lacy socks, were seen everywhere as girls and women took part in this short-lived fad. Compared to the 80s, today's shoes may seem bland! Fear not, neon lovers - you can still find neon colored high heels in several different designs.

Wearing Neon Colored High Heels

These bright shoes aren't for everyone, but wearing them the right way can really liven up a monochromatic outfit. You don't want to look like you just stepped out of an 80s yearbook, so keep these pointers in mind when sporting your neon heels:

  • Wear with one-color outfits: Neon heels can look fabulous when worn with black, silver or grey monochromatic ensembles. Hot pink neon shoes pair well with black and silver outfits - they may add just the punch you need for a night at the club.
  • Avoid other 80s-inspired pieces: Leave those acid-washed jeans, one shoulder slouchy tops, lacy socks and armfuls of metallic bracelets at home! Neon is great for conjuring up some 80s nostalgia, but stick to one 80s-inspired item at a time. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking like you forgot which decade it is.

Finding Neon Shoes

Maybe you never got rid of your neon shoes from the 80s because you just knew they'd come back into style one day. Or perhaps you have an older relative whose closet you can raid. If you want something newer, these retailers stock neon high heels for those of you who want your footwear to really shine:

  • Electrique Boutique offers a few different styles of neon heels, including open-toed strappy sandals and platform sandals featuring dizzying six-inch heels.
  • Go Jane carries a neon slingback with a five-inch heel in orange, blue, yellow or pink. A faux wood heel and criss-cross straps bring these shoes into the modern era.
  • For women who want to jump on the neon bandwagon but in a more subtle way, J. Crew carries an elegant leather peep-toe heel in neutral taupe. One neon pink strap crosses the top of the foot to take these Dani heels from plain to party.
  • Many clubwear retailers have neon platform and stiletto heels to choose from in neon colors if you're looking for an eye-catching shoe for a night out.

Neon Today

There's no need for neon to die just because the 80s are over. Women who love the bright accents of neon can still enjoy attention-getting shoes. Whether your neon high heels are platforms and add half a foot to your height, or they're more subdued with a single neon strap, your shoes can make a statement or spark a conversation all by themselves.

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Neon Colored High Heels