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While not everyone wants to turn heads in a flashy pair of neon shoes, there are a few fashion-forward candidates that can pull the look off with utter confidence.

While many fashion looks are better fit for the runway, neon shoes are an interesting fad that, despite changing fashion trends, never seem to go out of style amongst certain subcultures. Rocker, hip hop, emo and artsy urban hipsters resurrect this wild look each and every year. If you want to venture to the bright side of soles, here's a few tips to pull off your wildest neon fantasies.

How to Wear Neon Shoes

Going neon has its fair share of advantages. With neon footwear, not much else is required in the wardrobe department for a statement making look. A simple t-shirt can go edgy with a pair of bright shoes, while a black dress proves its versatility when paired with neon.Simple as the theory may seem, neon shoes still offer plenty of fashion mishaps. To avoid an over the top look, follow these suggestions.

Go Simple

No rule is as important as this when it comes to wearing neon shoes. Keep your shirt, blouse, dress and pants simple and uniform in color and let your neon kicks make the statement rather than compete against the rest of your wardrobe.

Gender Options

While they are striking, neon shoes can be worn by both men and women. If you are a man opting for the trend, consider sporting a timeless pair of Converse shoes in neon yellow, green or blue for the best look. Women can opt for the brighter shades of pink, orange and yellow in plenty of footwear styles.

Balance Your Look

Bright shoes send plenty of varied messages. If you want to capture the emo look for example, you'll want to wear your neon shoes with skinny jeans and a few leather accessories. If you're opting for a classic 80's style, wear your neon with a shiny dress or splattered t-shirt instead. Once you have your fashion inspiration, let your style reflect the look so that your neon footwear makes sense.

Keep Them Clean

No matter what the statement is that you want to make, you should always represent yourself in a pulled together manner. Keep your shoes free of dirt and keep them clean to put your best foot forward.

Choose Heels with Caution

While neon shoes are available in plenty of footwear styles, a flat canvas shoe or ballet inspired silhouette is by far easier to pull of than a 4 inch stiletto. To avoid a costumed look, wear a low heel or opt for fun-loving summer flip-flops instead.

Where to Buy

Depending on your style, there are many footwear trends embracing a neon hue. Here's a look at a few suggested styles:

  • Converse Chuck Taylors are the perfect choice for embracing the neon look on a more conservative level.
  • Strappy summer sandals in a fresh hue are foolproof when paired with a simple white or black dress.
  • For men, classic canvas shoes are the perfect neon shoes for effortless dressing.

Neon shoes make a bold, yet confident statement. Wearing a brighter hue can even have a positive effect on your mood as well! The next time you find yourself in a shoe rut, why not strike up a youthful vibe with a free-spirited pair of kicks in a neon array of color?

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