Nude Shoes

Neutral heels are elegant and simple.

Update your footwear collection with a pair of nude shoes. This versatile, stylish color will see you from long days at the office to late dinners to everything in between.

The Beauty of the Neutral Shoe

There's nothing more fun than an unexpected pop of color to really amp up an outfit's potential. A simple black dress is suddenly much more interesting when paired with snazzy gold heels or head-turning red sandals. Likewise, a dressy outfit will benefit from something slightly more low-key to balance it out. If you're sporting a glitzy gown, your shoes might stay in the same color family but lack over-the-top adornments like jewels and crystals.

Clearly, there's something to be said for shoes that sit on both ends of the spectrum. A bold shoe is killer, but a neutral shoe is also a winner. In shades of black, brown, camel, beige and nude, neutral-hued shoes can be worn just about anywhere. You'll be set for years with a few pairs of high-quality neutral shoes.

Going Nude

It's quite a feat stepping out in the nude - shoes, that is. These sexy heels are as trendy as they are flattering, and they offer petite women a huge bonus by creating the illusion of longer legs. Slip a pair of nude shoes on and you'll enjoy a longer, leaner look that's bound to make you feel just a little bit like a runway model.

Another bonus is that these types of shoes are more versatile than practically any other. That's because nude is such a universal color in itself; there are several varying shades that match different skin tones. Some are more camel-toned while others are pale beige or milky tan. There's really no true definition of the nude color, and for that reason it's an ideal choice for a shoe. The wardrobe options are endless.

Types of Shoes

Nude colors are available in nearly every footwear style. Some of the most popular looks include:

  • High heels: A nude heel is one of the most versatile styles and easily the most popoular of the bunch. Classic pumps, peep toe high heels, and slingback heels are all available in subtle neutrals. These pair well with a variety of clothing choices and are not at all ostentatious.
  • Flats: A subtle flat is another popular option. Draw attention away from the feet or give off a casually classy vibe in this comfortable footwear style.
  • Mules: Easy to slip on and off, mules are a casual wear staple and often available in neutral flesh tones.
  • Casual shoes: Casual lace up and slip on loafer styles are sometimes seen in nude colors. These create a slightly dressier feel than other athletic-look casual shoes.
  • Boots: Ankle boots or booties are more commonly seen in flesh tones, although you will occasionally see them in knee high or thigh high styles.
  • Sandals: Both strappy dress sandals and flat casual versions are available in subtle nude hues.

Materials and Shades

Leather and faux leather are common for this shoe look, but other materials include suede or fabric.Shades vary, but any of the following may be referred to as nude:

  • Taupe
  • Bronze
  • Camel
  • Beige
  • Sand
  • Bone
  • Stone
  • Almond
  • Toffee

Styles and Acccents

Since this shoe color is so understated, many designers focus on style and accent elements of the shoe. You may see details like scalloped edges, ruffles, cut outs, textured sections of the shoe, or straps. You may see embellishments like bows, flowers, jewels, or buckles,

Conversely, some designs feature simple shoes that purposely lack accents. These are are classy, elegant, and utterly wearable for any occasion.

Wearing Nude-Toned Shoes

Wearing shoes in a neutral nude tone isn't difficult, but there are some ways to work the look the right way. Follow these styling tips to look fabulous in your nude footwear.

  • Pants: Wear nude footwear with denim and slacks to create an elongated leg. Boot cut jeans and trousers are very flattering with a nude heel.
  • Bright colors: If your dress or outfit is a bright color, it can work perfectly with a flesh tone shoe. The attention stays on your clothing rather than your shoes,
  • Bold patterns: Likewise, a bold pattern paired with a nude hue creates a good balance.
  • Embellished blouses and dresses: Highly embellished clothing pairs well with this type of shoe. Consider a shoe with a small amount of detailing or to keep the look coordinated.
  • Business attire: Drawing attention to your footwear isn't always a good idea at work. This she style makes looking professional and out-together effortless.

Smart and Sassy Nude Shoes

There are nude shoes available to fit just about every occasion and personality. From a day spent in the office to an evening hitting the clubs, there is truly something to suit everyone. You can purchase flesh-colored shoes at any mahor department store or shoe store. So popular is this category, you nay even find collections classified in nude hues.

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