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Check out the pages of your favorite celebrity magazine or blog and you're likely to spot plenty of women walking around town in open toe cut out boots. This style, once considered highly unusual, is now extremely common - and it's just as popular in the real world as it is in Tinseltown.

About Peep Toe Boots

To the unfamiliar eye, the peep toe boot may appear to be some kind of factory accident. Sure, the shoe is an actual boot - but its similarities to the famous winter footwear style end right there. Instead of completely covering the foot, the boot's vamp features a cut out section at the top, revealing a peek of the toes.

The Best of Both Worlds

An open toe boot alone sounds adventurous enough, but even more modern interpretations bring the boot to life for a whole new audience of thrill-seeking shoe shoppers. Some variations of peep toe boots now feature entire sections of the shoe cut out, revealing other parts of the foot and, in some cases, the ankle. There is no limit to how much a designer may actually cut out; some variations of cut out boots expose the entire foot through the intriguing use of mesh, which is perforated throughout, while others stay within more conservative realms and expose just a glimpse of the side of the foot.

How to Wear Open Toe Cut Out Boots

Wearing open toe cut out boots may seem a bit of a challenge, and it certainly can be if you are not used to the look. If you're curious but unsure, consider taking baby steps. Start out with a pair of relatively simple peep toe boots at first. You'll expose just a glimpse of your toes (don't forget a pretty pedicure to match!), but won't go completely overboard in revealing your skin.

When you're ready to experiment, consider a peep toe boot with cut outs. Remember that since cut outs can be placed anywhere on the boot, you do have a choice as to just how much skin you wish to expose. Much of your decision depends on exactly where you plan to wear your boots. Keep in mind these tips:

  • Open toe shoes of any kind are hardly ever appropriate for office wear, so don't take the risk of disobeying a dress code rule. Simple peep toe pumps are one thing, but a boot often exhibits a rocker-chic vibe that is entirely out of place in a professional setting.
  • If you're shopping for a night out, feel free to go wild with your choice of cut out boots. After all, nighttime is generally the best time to pull off something bold and ostentatious without raising too many brows. It's also much more likely that your boots will pair well with your evening attire than with your daytime clothing. Look for vibrant elements (like animal prints), bright colors and embellishments like zippers and studs.
  • You wouldn't be caught wearing your winter boots in the middle of summer, but many women have adopted the open toe boot as the unofficial warm weather boot. Since socks are not worn with these shoes and plenty of skin is exposed, the boot is unlikely to cause much discomfort in warm climates. On the other hand, thick materials, like suede and leather, could easily prove uncomfortable after a few hours in dry, hot climates.
  • If you do choose to wear them during spring and summer, shop around for brightly colored variations with plenty of cut outs built into them. Not only will you ventilate your feet, you'll also add a pop to your entire look.

Where to Purchase

These chic, fashion-forward boots have made a strong transition from the runway to the real world, and now they're spotted everywhere from celebrity events to shopping malls around the world. It's no surprise they are readily available. Visit these retailers for great selections:

  • Bluefly: Find discounted selections from your favorite high-end labels here. This is a great place to shop if you're in the market for a serious pair of investment boots.
  • Target: Of course, if you'd rather not break the bank, shopping Target is a very wise option. The retailer carries on-trend cut out boots with peep toes for less than $30.
  • Nordstrom: If your spending preference falls somewhere in the middle of the previous two retailers, check out Nordstrom for a selection of mid-range designers (along with high-end finds, too).
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