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If you thought orthopedic sandals were always unattractive and expensive, think again. New styles of this footwear are stylish as well as functional. If you suffer from foot ailments that require the use of orthopedic shoes, the options in sandals should please you.

The Need for Orthopedic Shoes

There is no certain age group that corners the market on orthopedic shoes, although many elderly people are known to wear them. People who need these specialty support shoes suffer from a range of foot problems that can affect the entire body, especially the back. These include:

  • Leg pain
  • Sore feet
  • Arch problems
  • Bunions
  • Heel pain

While some foot problems can be avoided, others are simply the result of certain jobs, especially ones where you have to stand on your feet most of the day. Women who wear heels frequently should give their feet and legs a break at least a few times a week. By wearing flats or low-heeled shoes some of the time, you can avoid some of the issues that lead to wearing orthopedics.

Styles of Orthopedic Sandals

While many orthopedic shoes have common features, they're not all the same and they're not all unattractive. Manufacturers know that people not only want their feet to be cool and comfortable in warm weather, but they also want their footwear to match their taste in clothing.

Today's orthopedic footwear is available in a large variety of colors, from basic black and brown to red and lime green. Just because your feet have special needs doesn't mean your sandals can't show the world how fashionable you are.

While you won't find high heeled strappy styles in the orthopedic market, there are many other stylish choices in both open and closed toe designs.

  • Flip flops: Dressy and casual orthopedic flip flops are available. Casual versions are perfect for the beach and weekend wear, while dressier thongs can be worn on summer evenings.
  • Slides: A sporty-looking summer sandal, orthopedic slides are simple and easy to wear.
  • Dress sandals: Specialty wedge heel and other dress styles are available in orthopedic versions. While neutral colors are most prominent, you will see bright colors, metallic finishes and embellishments in some styles.
  • Cut out sandals: Orthopedic design with cut outs on the upper allow feet to breathe and offer another styling option. Slip on and strapped back versions are available.

Although technically not sandals, other popular orthopedic summer shoe styles include mary janes, clogs, and mules.

Where to Buy

If you prefer to buy your orthopedic shoes in person, be sure to find a quality shoe store with staff who are knowledgeable about orthopedics. Trained staff will be able to properly fit you as well as identify the best shoes or sandals for your particular problems. If you're comfortable shopping online, these retailers offer a variety of sandals:

Warm Weather Fun

Just because you have foot problems or are trying to avoid developing them in the first place doesn't mean you're stuck with one color, one style shoes. The orthopedic shoes you can find today look just like any other flat heel sandals, so you can enjoy a long day walking at an amusement park, the beach or the mall without sacrificing comfort. Because so many people flock outdoors as soon as spring weather returns, you can slip your feet into a pair of attractive sandals and no one will be the wiser that they're orthopedic. .

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Orthopedic Sandals