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Pegabo two-tone vintage shoes

If you're wondering how to get your hands on Pegabo shoes or boots, you have a couple of options. Pegabo was, at one time, a standalone brand owned by the Canadian-based Aldo Group company. It was reported as discontinued in 2012, due to lack of sales. However, the brand was revived in a limited capacity shortly afterwards, to be sold in Canadian store Hudson's Bay. Hudson's Bay still carries some discounted lines - but, if you're after Vintage Pegabo, this footwear can be purchased at auction and resale sites.

Pegabo History

Understanding exactly what happened with the Pegabo brand can be confusing for consumers. According to, Pegabo, along several other lines such as Simard & Voyer and Calderone, were pared down as the Aldo company experienced growth in markets outside of Canada.

In 2010, the Globe and Mail reported that the Aldo Group had revived the Pegabo, but as part of a new effort to boost revenue and re-brand their image. The popular Feetfirst shoe stores owned by Aldo was converted to Locale, a shoe store with a more updated image. Around this time, the Locale website discussed Pegabo as originally being launched as a go-to shoe store young professionals interested in the latest trends, making it an option that was in line with the youthful vision of the updated Locale stores.

According to the company history section of the Aldo Group website, Aldo Group itself has been in existence since 1966, starting with a few Canadian locations, and now spanning over 100 countries. The organization operates under two signature brands in 2017 - Aldo and Call It Spring - and also has a multi-brand retail concept called GLOBO, which doesn't include Pegabo.

In 2012, The Financial Post reported that the Aldo Group had discontinued several lines that clearly weren't working anymore, including Pegabo, Stoneridge, and Simard & Voyer. The problem was that they each served different consumer segments and failed to make enough sales individually.

Where to Find Pegabo Today

To find new shoes from this line, your only choice is to purchase from the Canadian store Hudson's Bay. Canadians, or those who frequently travel there, will have the best chance of acquiring new shoes from the line.

You can also shop at Hudson's Bay online; however, there is currently only a small selection of discounted styles available for men, and one style for women.

Women's Pegabo Shoes:

  • Brarien Espadrille Wedges: A pretty gold wedge sandal perfect for the last of the summer sun, sold for about $30.

Men's Pegabo Shoes:

  • Leather Lace-Up Dress Shoes: About $145, these are available in tan, brown or black, these traditional dress shoes are ideal for any smarter occasion.
  • Asaynia Leather Wingtip Monk Strap Shoes: Sturdy and comfortable, these retail for about $165. The monk strap on this style provides a unique take on the traditional dress shoe.
  • Agrilasa Leather Derby Shoes: These shoes are about $145 and come in burnished leather with a cap toe and are the perfect mix of fashion and function.
  • Ginese Leather Brogues: These timeless brogues, just over $130, have polished detailing and will help you make a serious style statement, no matter what the occasion.
  • Weasien Lace-Up Sneakers: These sneakers, around $50, offer a more casual, classic look for everyday wear.
  • Olenasen Leather High-Rise Shoes: These high-rise dress shoes not only provide versatility to your dresswear, but they also add a splash of sass to the proceedings. Find them for about $140.
  • Kail Leather Moto Ankle Boots: For more casual occasions, throw on this pair of rugged ankle boots with your jeans and sweater so that you stand out for all the right reasons. These can be purchased for just over $85.
  • Avertan Leather Oxford Shoes: These classic oxfords, around $90, come in burnished leather and are seriously shiny, with the ability to dress up any outfit.

Vintage Styles

If you were lucky enough to purchase Pegabo shoes when the brand was still operating under its own name and stores, then hopefully you still have some in your closet. If not, you can check for shoes from the Pegabo brand at following places:

If you are an American buying this brand, keep in mind that these shoes are sized according to European standards. You'll need to know what corresponding shoe size you wear - for instance, a European size 37 is equivalent to a US woman's size 7.

Characteristics of Pegabo Shoes

boots in a boutique

Most Pegabo fans will agree that the shoes were made to be versatile and stylish, providing sensible details without being overly flashy or containing a wealth of distracting embellishments. Above all, the shoes represented high-quality.

For men, loafers or dress shoes could be worn for work and for more casual occasions. Pegabo men's shoes were created to be classic, trendy and functional, but also discreetly elegant. They portrayed a distinct European style aesthetic, which isn't surprising when you consider that Pegabo shoes were part of a worldwide corporation and were designed to appeal to people everywhere, not just in one part of the world.

For women, the styles were originally more varied, with looks that could effortlessly take you from a day at the office to a night out on the town, or a fabulous weekend getaway. Accessories like handbags were at one time available to complement the shoes. Pegabo shoes made for women originally included sandals, pumps, boots, wedges and flats.

For Pegabo Fans

If you're having trouble locating shoes from the Pegabo line, you may want to consider other lines from Aldo, such as Call It Spring. You can also purchase the Aldo brand itself directly from their website. With an eye for the changing fashion dynamic, the Aldo company may change its brands and selection, but still strives to meet consumers needs.

To all of you die-hard Pegabo fans, if you own any of the original Pegabo shoes, you're in a select group of shoe owners. In fact, the classic styles are now even considered vintage. They're exclusives. With good care, Pegabo shoes can last a number of years, so make sure you look after them if you want to keep them. Their timeless nature means that it's possible you can even sport your favorite brand of shoes years after their release date - but only if you treat them with the love and affection that they deserve.

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