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Finding the perfect prom heels is almost as exciting as trying on just the right dress and knowing that "this is it!" It can often feel like putting the last piece of the puzzle together, since you have to consider the color, the style, and the heel height when deciding which pair will be "the pair" for prom night.

When Shopping for Prom Heels

When you're shopping for prom heels, it makes sense to search for a bargain unless you intend to purchase a pair that you can wear again and again. Try searching stores like Payless, the clearance racks at Designer Shoe Warehouse, Off Broadway Shoes, and even Target.

Whether you decide upon metallic, black, bright, or nude-colored shoes, you may be able to wear them in the future. If you plan to wear your prom shoes again, you may want to branch out and consider additional retailers to the discount shoe stores. You may find a well-crafted shoe that will last you years and feel fantastic on your feet every time you wear them.

How to Pick a Color

Prom shoes are a great outlet when you're dying to wear something a little unusual. A black or neutral-toned dress begs to be dressed up with red, hot pink, two-toned, or metallic heels. Texture is another place you can play around. The simplest black dress that clings to your curves can be dressed up another notch with snakeskin heels in a neutral tone, for example.

Dresses in plum, deep green, navy blue, or burgundy may be hard to match by simply going to a shoe store and looking for an identical color. This is the perfect time to use silver, copper, or gold.

Pastels look stunning with silver shoes, as well. Pairing pastels with shoes that are similar to your skin tone not only looks ethereal, but also gives the appearance of longer legs. Earth tones are excellent with gold or copper, and in some cases, even tan. These colors of heels will be shoes you can pair with other outfits in your closet almost effortlessly, providing you don't choose shoes too dressy for everything else in your closet.

When it comes to bright or multicolored prom heels, you can almost always guarantee that they will look amazing with simple black, navy blue, or beige colored dresses. If your style is on the colorful, outlandish side, why not try a bright two-toned prom heel with a short khaki-colored dress?

The Style

There are so many options for prom heels. You can choose from sandals, pumps, Mary Janes, stilettos, kitten heels, platforms, and more. Many type of heels can be considered prom heels. If you're wearing a long dress, streamlined pumps or sandals work best. Shorter dresses can take advantage of the funky edge of a platform, the details of a pair of dark shoes with bright red piping, or a simple, short stiletto with a shiny finish.

Heel Height

The most important rule when choosing your prom heels is to get a heel height you can walk well in. Don't buy tall stilettos to go with your dress if there's a good chance you'll trip or fall off of your heels. Heels that are one to three inches tall will be most comfortable for walking and dancing in all night. However, if you're used to walking in heels and want something a bit more outrageous, you could go up to four inches, but be careful!

Another thing to consider when looking for prom heels is the length of your dress. If you're wearing a long prom dress, the hem should hit where the heel meets the body of the shoe. This will make it drape nicely over your shoe without catching underneath the heel, causing you to trip.

If you're wearing a short dress, the one to three inch heel will complement it beautifully. The shorter the hemline, the shorter the heel should be, as a general rule, especially when wearing short dresses.

A Final Word

Prom heels are an excuse to have fun and wear shoes you might not wear normally. While you can plan ahead and choose shoes you'll wear with other clothes in your closet, this is also a chance to wear the funky platforms or elegant stilettos you dream of. Anything goes.

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