Tips for Choosing Prom Shoes

prom shoes

What's the Big Deal About Prom Shoes?

At prom, you'll dance, dine, and hang out with friends in your finest clothes. In the case of such a fabulous and important event, you'll need the perfect shoes. You want them to say the right thing and match perfectly, but be comfortable enough to last you all night long without blisters or pain.

Will I Be Able to Wear These Shoes Again?

If you choose your prom shoes wisely--YES! If you pick silver sandals, you can wear them with sundresses, cocktail dresses, jeans, skirts and trendy pants. If you go very low-key and pair black sequined flip-flops with your long black dress, you'll definitely get more use out of your prom shoes in the summer.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay?

That depends on your style and your finances. You can easily go to Payless and find a great deal on shoes. Want a wider selection? Check out Zappos. You can go as low as $10.00 if you buy an understated pair of sandals. Or, if there's a serious fashion diva within you, you may spend $400 on a pair of Manolo Blahniks.

Do I Need Shoes Dyed to Match My Dress?

Girls no longer scramble to take their dress to the store to match up the shades. Now, it's more about complementing colors. This is so much less stressful! If you want to have your shoes dyed, normally they'll take your order where they sell you the dyeable prom shoes. You can also check bridal shoe stores, since they usually provide this service for bridesmaids. For example, some Payless stores offer this service. However, don't wait until the last minute. Sometimes it takes a while to get your shoes returned to you.

Non-Traditional Prom Shoes

Don't get stuck on the idea of a pump in a matching shade or a pair of clear plastic sandals with a four-inch heel. That might be what your friends are wearing, but their feet are likely to be miserable within hours. Remember that the whole night won't be spent chilling in a limo.

If you don't really need or want the extra height, try sparkly flip-flops and flats. If you want height, stay off the stilettos. It's easy for them to get caught on your dress and it's much more painful to dance. Look for kitten-heels, sandals with low or wide heels, slides, or slingbacks.

As for color, metallic shoes are hot this season. Most dresses will be complemented by gold, silver, or bronze. Black dresses may get a kick with red heels. Don't be afraid to be creative with your prom shoe choice!

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Tips for Choosing Prom Shoes